Hi, I'm Joy Iseki,
Lead Consultant of Joy Iseki International: a mental health services and emotional wellness consultancy firm.

I work with individuals and staff of organizations to unlearn self-sabotaging behaviours and self-destructive habits derived from dysfunctional beliefs they have about themselves.

You think we can work together?

my coaching series

Dealing with Shame

Dealing with shame or other problematic Emotions such as anger, guilt, prolonged sadness/moodiness, rejections.

Building Your Self Worth

For people who need firm self-identity, confidence, self esteem, self-love and the right beliefs about themselves.

Becoming Your Authentic Self

A self-awareness and self-acceptance journey, and personal values creation helpful for those who desire to be their true self, and live by their highest priority values.

Why choose me?

The core part of my work involves guiding you through to your desired state of emotional wellness. Together, we work to guide self-healers towards their authenticity path where they can experience the love, happiness, harmony, fulfilment and peace of mind from within.

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