You Deserve Goodness…

Someone once told me about how he was working so hard to take care of things in their family. The unfortunate situation the man found himself was because of the sudden demise of his father. Being the kind hearted one, he decided to take up the family challenges.

This young man was bitter by the time we were having this conversation. So I delved further into him so I could find out why. His anger started when his sister finally got a good job. According to him, she wasn’t being concerned about his younger siblings.
So he felt she was being selfish.

So he felt cheated and lamented how he had to stop many personal things so as to help with even her own education.

Upon hearing this, I felt for his emotional breakdown and tried as much as I could to console him. When I was sure he was finally okay to take in some words, I told him never to blame anyone for his lack of goodness to self. Never.

You see, some of us may have been in this similar situations. But do you know that in life, whatever decisions you make, you must bear the consequences whether favourable to you or not?
If you deny yourself some goodness in your attempt to help others, pls take the responsibility for the final outcome.

No matter how good you want to be, in order to avoid blaming anyone later for your lack of self care, please remember to help yourself too with the good you show others. Part of living your authentic life is self-care.

You deserve goodness too.



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