Joy Iseki is a therapist and emotional wellness coach focused on working with individuals to do the inner work of healing themselves from pain, trauma and disempowering beliefs that withholds the individual’s ability to experience authenticity.

My approach is integrative and person-centered. This allows for a therapeutic relationship which is influential in bringing about transformative change.

I help my clients explore their thoughts and emotions and thus develop deeper self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love. This new lifestyle enables them to take control of their lives and hence make better decisions.

People come to me with various problems that bothers them about their relationship patterns, life experiences, re-occurring negative thinking pattern that leaves them in perpetual unhappiness, early childhood issues they’ve been unable to let go, and other psychological and emotional concerns.

I also work with people who want to understand themselves on a deeper level, or who use therapy as an ongoing way to maintain happiness and emotional wellbeing.

I’ll be glad to work with you from anywhere in the world, as our sessions are primarily virtual.

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