The need to pay attention to your psychological wellbeing

healing pathways

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” –Carl Jung When traumatic patterns are all you’ve ever known, you’d think that’s your authenticity–that it is who you are. Until you’re aware of better alternatives to what you’re familiar with, you’d believe what you’ve always known is the best […]

How to reduce the suffering caused by attachment

how to reduce the suffering caused by attachment by Joy iseki

Attachment and expectations are at the root of emotional suffering.The idea that life ought to be only this particular way or else it’s not worth it. And because it isn’t so in the moment, you feel TERRIBLE living.This ideal life belief has led to the depression of many. Many of us have plans about how […]

Some roles difficult childhood can make you pick up as your personality

some roles difficult childhood cause us to pick up

“The need to be seen, heard and acknowledged as valuable and feeling validated in words and actions towards a child by the caregivers in their lives is so paramount to the general wellbeing of the child that the lack of it can cause great damage that is sometimes too huge to repair easily in the future.”

How patterns can help with your emotional healing journey

DID YOU EVER TAKE NOTE OF YOUR PATTERNS? When we take a walk on the beach, our feet gets to leave a trail of our footsteps on the ground where we walked past. If anyone was looking for us, and perhaps the place isn’t a very common place that is marked with steps of too […]

How to practically improve on your emotional and mental wellbeing

When it comes to our emotional wellbeing, not many of us think we have a definite role to play to influence outcome for our overall good. I think the majority often assumes a victim role of blaming most things and people outside of their control than align with the path of their most control—within—which is […]

How your self beliefs affects your mental and emotional wellness

“Right believing would always bring about a right living, even in matters of mental health.” – Joy Iseki   All of us have certain beliefs about ourselves. We might not know them all consciously but we’re daily being governed through our beliefs about ourselves. Our mental and emotional wellness isn’t left out of this influence […]

How to deal with the emotional weights affecting your wellness

We want to travel light and be free from many things people complain about us, and which things we’re also fed up with about ourselves. I’m sure most of us truly desire a life with more ease and lesser emotional baggages. Because it seems we’re in constant fights with some overload of emotional weights whose […]

Sponsor for therapy

In recent times, we’ve been bothered by individuals who wish to have therapy sessions but are unable to afford it. While we’ve attended to some for free, we’re unable to help all as we do not run an NGO. Yet we want them attended to because of the important role therapy plays in their mental […]

Dealing with the negative inner dialogue

As we have conversations with others so do we have same with ourselves. We think aloud more than we would want to believe. Self-talk is the conversation we’re often having with ourselves. This could be the feelings and thoughts that turns to the words we speak to and about the self, also known as the […]

What does it mean to love yourself

“When you’re different,  sometimes you don’t see the millions of people who accept you for what you are. All you notice is the person who doesn’t.”               – Jodi Picoult While self love have become a popular subject these days, I am one of those that still feels not […]

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Hello! Great to have you here. I’d love more interactions with you as we navigate this life’s journey together. So we created all the short links to most places you can find us online. Please feel free to use any of the links, especially the blog post and YouTube channel where we have many resourceful […]

Grow From Within Coaching Series

People send me questions about living with guilt, and being easily critical of themselves, even if the situation weren’t any fault of theirs. Some find it hard to even look in the mirror without feeling ashamed of themselves. Or without seeing a dirty, inferior image starring back at them. Others wished they were anyone else […]