Becoming self-aware.


Being your Authentic self is a life goal. One that begins with Some form of self-awareness. Who you are is already in you, no one needs to show you about yourself. The problem you experience with living out your authenticity is because you have not been intentionally self-aware.

Awareness is our capacity to notice things. We may be aware of the time or aware of a particular situation – we may notice that we are late or that someone is watching us. Being aware of such things means we have taken note of them. The same applies to self awareness.

Self awareness basically describes a situation where the light of awareness is turned onto ourselves. While awareness is our ability to take note; self-awareness is our ability to take note of ourselves.

So how do you become aware of self? Take note of you. Observe how you do your things, in the same way you observe other people. Get to know what you like; some stuff you really don’t like. Ask yourself why you like some things and hate others.  Notice the kind of people you get along with, ask yourself what you enjoy about them and reasons you have come to prefer them to other people?
Ask questions relating to your life here in this terrain. Engage your soul in conversations about yourself. Be present with yourself.
Self-awareness is often a good measure of presence.
By being present with your thoughts and actions, you make it more of an intentional act not separated from you. That way, you have better understanding of why you do what you do, and what makes you who you are.
Since one gets to know people through curiosity; by the desire to understand why they behave the way they do, similar acts can be practised with Self. The journey of self-awareness is the first step to expressing your authenticity, as it helps you know yourself in order to express that Self.
Although these habits take time to build and may be sometimes difficult at first; however, the benefits far outweighs the inconveniences you might have to deal with during this process of self-discovery.
Meanwhile, as it is with knowing and discovering others, so it is with knowing who we are; it’s a life time journey, too,  because we surprise ourselves sometimes!
When you’re told to be yourself, it can be difficult expressing that Self you’re not acquainted with. But when you have taken the time and efforts at truly knowing who you are to some extent, then those words cease to be just some cliché.
To your evolving life.
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