To everything, there is a time and season; a time to become aware of who you are, and a time to know whom you are becoming. Between these two seasons however, is a lifelong journey that involves the whole process it would take you to get there. This is the journey of whom you are becoming, and the story that is yours to share.

For some time in my life, I had struggled with embracing my true self. I had a long time battle with the acceptance of my own life, and being able to live it at that. The journey through this whole process is now my own story of becoming, and has offered me the chance to see life with wider spectacles that has helped with a deeper understanding of the fact about life being specific and personal to each unique individual despite our common humanity. It was from these experiences I had written my first book, LIVE YOUR YOUNIQUE LIFE, at the point where I learnt the space authenticity plays in the fulfillment of each person’s life as against the general narrative we often try to push as the same for everyone.

Awareness then isn’t only about knowing all your goods, and the bad behavior and modifying them to suit life. No, it’s a lot more than that. Part of awareness, which is a very important aspect of it, is in becoming aware of that pure state of your soul, and then drawing out strength from that sphere to help with your fallible bodily realm. Some recognize this as spiritual enlightenment, others as being born again. The most important aspect of it may not be the name but the recognition, and acceptance of it, such that it makes impact in your life, and in others.
This is what I tried to tell most people that have asked me about my new book, BECOMING.

Awareness precedes any change. It is what guides to who you are becoming.

In my new book, BECOMING, I shared about self-awareness and self-acceptance and my journey through these two processes, without which I think, it may be difficult for anyone to truly live the life that is unique to them, courageously.

My journey through this life has helped with my own mastery of love and the acceptance of who I was, who I am, and who I am becoming.

While some of us are often described as weird because of the unique way we often do things, or maybe in some cases, due to our not-so-popular views about certain things in life, we must accept the fact that almost everyone falls in this category still. That’s because all mortals are uniquely born. Those who are weird are the ones who understand this truth.

Every one of us must walk that path as peculiarly designed to suit our differences. The denial of this truth is one of reason for the personal chaos in so many lives that is accompanied with crisis in their self-identity sometimes leading to a depressive state.

This mishap is why some, for fear of not being liked, because they want to belong, and due to the lack of resolute to bear the pains that sometimes come with being different, have chosen political correctness and settled for the opinions of their masters at the spotlight, whose voices have shutdown theirs.

You are different. Even though you may hate hearing this. And unless you accept this truth, you are not yet free.

You may be living life as narrated to you by the environment you were raised and from those who raised you. Even though a lot of these people meant no harm, some of them may have done so selfishly, hence wishing to use you to live the narrative they failed at having with their own life. That, denies you the opportunity to truly live yours.

Will you live, or will you continue to assume until you rest without peace in the similar grave of your likes who only lived as they were told, without much regard for themselves?

Ultimately, the choice is yours. And you deserve the right to make that choice.

I have written this book on BECOMING aware of who you are and exactly how to go through this journey in order to truly live the life that is yours, so you can live free indeed.

If you have lived wondering what you are here for, and who you are? Then read this book.

If for so many reasons you have lived to please other people while neglecting yourself because you fear their opinions, then grab this book and gain the confidence to be yourself and learn the right way to be assertive, without being insolent.

If you find it hard accepting your own true worth because you have denied your history for fear of being ostracized for our inglorious background, then you need to read this book about becoming your true self, and embracing your essence, regardless of where you are coming from.

BECOMING is more than a book. It is a life companion for anyone who truly wants to experience life and know themselves better enough to not give anyone the right to define who they are.

To pre-order your copy of BECOMING now in order to be among the first set of people to read this masterpiece when it is finally published on June 30th, please comment below, or send me a DM.

The book will be available on my website and Amazon, and can be purchased from all my social media platforms. The price is N2000, or $5.99.

For further discussion, questions, speaking engagements, or personal coaching experience on this topic, please use the Contact Me tab to reach the author. To purchase the author’s books using your bank cards, use the Shop Tab on this website. For comments, kindly post in the comment section below.

To your evolving life.

Joy Iseki

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