Today marks the end of our discussion on self-awareness. And to say that it’s been a whole lot of learning point for me too, is an understatement.

When I first started out on this topic, I had wanted to bring to your notice self-awareness, and show you ways it helps you better evolved and become intimated with self and your environment ( and I hope I was able to achieve that). It has been my observation that up until the day you realized that you truly had a life, you rarely lived that life. And so it is of great importance then that you make every efforts at owing and taking responsibility for your personal growth in life, especially as regards the exposure and development of your mind.

On this final note on our November discussion, we shall focus more on the benefit of self-awareness. These benefits will be some form of encouragement to you as you make the decision to become self-aware.

Self-awareness is about knowing yourself by way of being knowledgeable of your traits, values, personality, choices and to a very good degree; your strengths and weaknesses.  Please note here that it’s a lifelong journey and what you will have to continually reinforce through practice and deliberate self-consciousness.

Of key note, is the fact that your knowledge of self does not make you entirely predictable to self either. There’s bound to be spontaneity in our humanity. However, it can in a lot of ways guide you through your personal decisions and relationships both with self and with others. As a matter of fact, self-aware people are usually more confident because of the awareness of their authenticity and capabilities. This traits of self-awareness contributes positively to your personal development and image of self.

Many people are skilled in how well they know of other people and their eccentricities but same people rarely spend that time in knowing who they are. Not having the right knowledge of self can affect you in many ways than you bargained for because it could lead to bad judgment of self whether as regards your abilities or lack of same.

Personally, one of my major benefits of self-awareness is in the enjoyment of life by being your real self. It helps you relaxed in your own skin and free to live your life without care in the world. This helps you by way of deeper depth of experience in life.

Your awareness of self can be a good riddance to those bad thoughts that frequent your mind. This is achieved by your ability to replace same with better positive thoughts since you are becoming aware of its existence at that particular time.

One of the best part of the benefits of self-awareness is in how it can help you love yourself. This is terrific and what you should really take your time on. I cannot stop emphasizing on the need for you to love yourself right. Some people would see this as being selfish. The truth remains that you have only been commanded to love your neighbor as yourself. This means the degree to which you show love to others is in direct proportion to how you truly see yourself. So it’s not rocket science. Love yourself my dear friend, and let the out-pour of that love radiate to others in the way you treat them right.

There are so much benefits to self-awareness that I can’t list them all here. I have tried to list the ones I have personally experienced and which I can truly confirm as beneficial to me.

The best bet for you is in the practice of self-awareness for yourself. You can start from our first post on this subject and even do a further personal research as it relates to you. The most important thing for me is that you become more evolved as a human, without just accepting and living your life anyhow as it’s been narrated to you. You have only one chance at living the life that’s now yours and it will do you a lot of great service to maximize the experience you get from it; which is also a benefit of becoming self-aware.

With this, we have come to the end of self-awareness as our discussion for the month of November. I really hope that it’s been of benefit to you so far and would love to hear from you.

We will begin another topic next week for the month of December.

I hope I am contributing to your authentic life journey here on earth.

For further clarification on anything as regards this discussion, please reach me through my personal mail at, or leave your comments in the comment section of this post.


Thank you.

Joy Iseki

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