Between your authenticity and finding purpose

Authenticity is that nature of you that differentiates you in a very crowded World of ours. It’s being true to yourself. Something that resonates with what you have been born with and how to make use of same with less efforts while achieving more glory.

No one truly understands how a fish fingerling learnt to swim. And we really do not need to start a study on that. They just do it because it’s in their DNA. it’s the same way you were created to function in your purpose as long as you remain true to who you are.

Your authenticity would help with your purpose. Becoming your authentic self is the sure way of truly living in purpose without confusion because your real self is your natural state and it’s in that state that you can work out purpose from. Your first goal is to be yourself and flow in that tide first. When I began to learn how to be myself, I noticed that a lot had changed. I also noticed that with every effort I tried then at being who I was, I had some good feedback that also helped with my then struggling confidence level.

Authentic people walk in their own unique purpose because of being who they are.

I am a very curious person. Which I think you are too otherwise you wouldn’t be with this book in your hands right now. If I desire to know something, I won’t stop until I found it out. I realized that neither our motivational speakers nor the authors were wrong. We only needed to do first things first, and that’s getting our authenticity out so we do not struggle. I had not considered the fact that life was more than black and white. The grey areas was what got me confused. That was then though. But I am glad for the processes this brought me through. It helped me realized that life isn’t at all linear as we would have loved it to be. Nothing great happens in a straight, predictable way. There are always a chance for some occurrences that creates the curves. The curves and your bid to make the path straight again is where you discover your real self. That’s when your walk with life purpose begins.

Being excerpts from my book on #BecomingYou

-your friend

Joy Iseki

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