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Now you have a variety of Life Changing Sessions!
There is so much we can do together to help you live in harmony and have the happiness and peace of mind you so deserve. I have made it easier to have access to my coaching and therapy services without stress. All the sessions are just as impactful and life changing; whether you want to talk to me for a one-off session or book for longer term healing journey, it’s easier now for you to decide.

Emotional Wellness Coaching
There are days we feel so stressed out and overwhelmed with the situations around us and we need a guide on getting back on track with our emotions. That’s where we come in to help you de-stress.
Emotional distress can be overwhelming, especially if we lack the right tools to help us manage it in the moment we’re experiencing it. If you give us a chance, we can work it out together. If you’re stressed with work, relationship, life, or experiencing some form of abuse, heartbreak, grief; this is for you to get back yourself on track.
This session allows you the space to get yourself back on track as we work together to keep you light and at ease again. BOOK NOW

Therapy/Counselling Session
Dealing with deeper underlying emotional issues affecting our daily living can be tough. Some of the issues stemming from our childhood or adolescent age are often affected by our development process at that stage. This could make the events more traumatic as we grow older because they’ve somehow grown with us during our developing stage.
During therapy, we have the opportunity to look deeper at our lives in order to bring peace to the present regardless of how hard it’s been.
Therapy isn’t just about the past, it is also about the issues affecting us now. It is having a safe place to bear the pain the way that we feel it so that we can finally get rid of what’s no longer helpful. It is also an ongoing process towards our mental wellbeing. You mustn’t have emotional problems before you seek therapy.
Through therapy, we can address your core beliefs; their impact on your mental and emotional wellbeing, and also give you the opportunity to just be yourself safely again.
That’s why this session is so important to your life if you truly desire true happiness from within your authenticity.

Regain your Personal Power CoachingĀ 
If you struggle with self-acceptance, low self esteem, low self-worth, lack of confidence or you do not love yourself, life might be giving you worst than you deserve. And it might be that you’re not having the right beliefs about you because of the negative impact of the situations and environment you might have been exposed to. In this coaching program, our goal is to help you connect with yourself again as you learn the truth about who you truly are.
Life would always give us the opportunity to unlearn unhelpful patterns if we choose to question what we’ve been familiar with that we no longer find empowering for whom we’re becoming.
This 4-week coaching program is your chance to regain your personal power as you learn to recognize your self-worth again during this journey.

Therapist Now Now
Some people just want a place to vent or someone to talk to at the moment of their pain. Whether you’re going through a loss, a setback, heartbreak, personal struggle, immediate relationship issues or just having a bad day or feeling lonely and would need a safe place you can be vulnerable that moment, we’re here for you.
You can do a one off hour call with us and just have a me-time with the therapist.

Everything we do at Joy Iseki International consulting is about your total mental wellbeing. Our goal is for you to be happy, live in peace, experience harmony within and be yourself as you explore your inherent authentic design.

To your healing.

Joy Iseki.

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