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In recent times, we’ve been bothered by individuals who wish to have therapy sessions but are unable to afford it. While we’ve attended to some for free, we’re unable to help all as we do not run an NGO. Yet we want them attended to because of the important role therapy plays in their mental […]

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Hello! Great to have you here. Kindly connect with me more for your emotional wellness and healing journey tips and wisdom guide: YouTube Podcast Online Video Coaching Series WhatsApp Facebook page Instagram page Twitter Blog posts Ebooks Books on Amazon Grow From Within Coaching Program   Benefits of Personal Therapy/Inner Work Coaching to Your Mental […]

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People send me questions about living with guilt, and being easily critical of themselves, even if the situation weren’t any fault of theirs. Some find it hard to even look in the mirror without feeling ashamed of themselves. Or without seeing a dirty, inferior image starring back at them. Others wished they were anyone else […]


These are our courses; available as group training and also on one-to-one basis. The prices for the one-to-one sessions aren’t on the flyers. But available on request. Each of them is tailored to particular segment and very helpful to that audience PRACTICALLY. OUR PRE-RECORDED VIDEO COACHING SERIES: These are¬†available as Pre-recorded video coaching sessions: 👉 […]