Two days ago, being the 2nd of July, marked the official release of my new book, BECOMING. Since I have been talking about this book for weeks prior to its release, I have had to answer some questions from different people, mainly out of care. Some people would send me messages, mostly to my inbox, […]


  To everything, there is a time and season; a time to become aware of who you are, and a time to know whom you are becoming. Between these two seasons however, is a lifelong journey that involves the whole process it would take you to get there. This is the journey of whom you […]


I recently had trip to the conservation hub where I met a young beautiful lady by chance along that journey. She, like me, was alone during this time. But unlike me, it was because her friend who she had wanted to have the trip with had been taken on another trip suddenly by her boyfriend. […]

How not loving yourself can sabotage your relationships

If a lady does not consider herself good enough, because of the issues she might be having with her inner self as a result of one or two things she despises about herself; maybe her looks, or some other attributes about her body, she may find herself always trying to be too pleasing with whom […]


  HOW TO BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF Telling another how to be himself shouldn’t have been something we needed a talk about, but for the unfortunate ways we now live other people’s lives as our own without regard for our own identity. Imagine how beautiful life’s experiences would have been for all of us if […]


Since focusing on authenticity, and having to mentor individuals on embracing who they are, of one big notice to me have been how many people know who they are already, but fear expressing it. Their real challenge is accepting their authenticity, not that they are not aware of it; at least for the ones I […]


A lot has been said about being yourself. It has become a millionth times shared hash tag on social media platforms by people whose hearts call for an alignment with their soul. It is a good admonition though. The only prerogative is having the right understanding of what being yourself actually connotes to you as […]


Having established what confidence and self-esteem means, their similarities, and differences, and how to grow a healthy self-esteem, I thought it worthy to conclude this month’s blog posts on how to gain good confidence. In the previous posts, we did recognize confidence as being about your believe in your abilities. Because of this definition for […]


The subject of Love is often a controversial one, especially when it has to do with its definitions. While some lovers want it professed to them, others prefer it pragmatically displayed. And the analytically inclined like myself, demands for it both ways. February is gradually becoming the official month of love worldwide. Our discussion for […]

On being cautious with what’s being said about you…..

  goal is to Live. Live. It’s important that we get this part well. There are many good intentions being antagonized by haters. And then some bad choices still being glorified by lovers of same. There was a time I cared too much about what was being said. I think I lived for them. Yet […]

Understand your fears…..

When people hear about fears, they can suddenly become dreadful. It’s like a sharp call to some thing they don’t want to know, much less talk about. But do you know that fear can be a good thing? Take for instance, the fear of lack…. If you have such fear, you can turn it into […]

Make Peace with Self First…..

Make Peace with self first….. “Authencity is a call into your natural self. It is simply asking you to be real with yourself and about yourself. And that realness is in your heart and bears witness with who you are becoming. If your personality is not in congruence with your heart, you will know by […]

You Deserve Goodness… Someone once told me about how he was working so hard to take care of things in their family. The unfortunate situation the man found himself was because of the sudden demise of his father. Being the kind hearted one, he decided to take up the family challenges. This young man was […]

Outdo Your Yesterday not Other People…

If you want to because of your competitor’s new mark in the industry work out new similar competitive strategies to project your own company’s next line of products, great. If you are in business that is. But our lives are not so much like a busines. Even though we are almost living it out that […]