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I’d love more interactions with you as we navigate this life’s journey together. So we created all the short links to most places you can find us online. Please feel free to use any of the links, especially the blog post and YouTube channel where we have many resourceful information which you’d find helpful for your emotional wellness and healing journey.

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While you are here, it is good that you know the many benefits of mental health care to our general wellbeing. I’ve done this to enable anyone who still struggles with asking for help know that they are doing the  right thing when they go for therapy. When we are pre-informed about our decisions because of the available information we have with us, we become more confident and decisive doing what we really want and taking the step towards actionizing it.

Below are some benefits of going ahead to do the inner work to set yourself free to experience the happiness, love and peace you so deserve.

Benefits of Personal Therapy/Inner Work Coaching to Your Mental Health and Emotional Wellness 🙌

  • Going for therapy is one of those things that can help us with unprocessed emotions that could lead to trauma in future if not dealt with now.
  • Therapy teaches people skills to address symptoms on their own.
  • Therapy teaches you the importance of your mind and brain to your emotional wellness.
  • Therapy can help you learn more about how to manage your thoughts in a way that will remain helpful to your state of being.
  • Therapy can help you learn about what you’re feeling, why you might be feeling it, and how to cope.
  • Therapy also offers a safe place to talk through life challenges
  • The dyad relationship between the therapist and the client can be helpful for a healthy validation and acceptance.
  • You’ll learn more about yourself. Therapy helps you become more self aware and also aware of your environment.
  • Therapy can help you have more fulfilling relationships with self, and others.
  • With therapy, you’re more likely to have better health. Untreated mental health issues can impact physical wellness.
  • If you feel like something is holding you back from living life as you envision it, therapy can help you address this.
  • Seeing a therapist should be one of these things you should add to your yearly goals if you care about your emotional and mental wellness.
  • So no, it’s not only due to mental health illness alone that people see a therapist.
    In fact, therapy is only a part of the treatment for the mentally ill besides drugs too.

To book for an emotional wellness coaching session with me, or to book for a therapy session online, please send mail to:, using BOOK SESSION as the subject. You can also call us from anywhere in the world on cellular at +2348061551796 or send a WhatsApp only message here.

I’m an online therapist and emotional wellness coach. I work with people from all over the world virtually to achieve inner peace and happiness. We’ve had excellent results from this. Yours can be another successful story.

People who love themselves and care enough about their mental health patronize therapy. It’s something to be proud of yourself for. You have nothing to be ashamed about it.

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To your healing.

Joy Iseki.


Lead Consultant, Joy Iseki International.

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