Coping with Depression.


Depression makes a millipede out of a giant and is not discriminatory enough to show some respect to the boss; even the intellectual. It even attacks the most beautiful. It can happen to anybody.

Depression is a delicate and rather complicated issue. The causes of it are not fully known and so many factors such as biological make-up (some people being more prone to it due to their genetic make-up and family history). Other causes could be environmental issues, social economic conditions, childhood trauma and death of a loved one.

The causes of depression are not fully understood, but scientists believe that an imbalance in the brain’s signaling chemicals may be responsible for the condition in many of the patients. There are ways you could help yourself though.

If you find that you tend towards sadness suddenly without really being able to pinpoint the cause of it, or you also start to ruminate over unpleasant situations than normal, it will be wise you take out time to relax yourself so that you can come to yourself. This is really important because depression, like many other issues of life, do not just happen. It’s always gradual time bomb of recurrent sadness that explodes eventually.

What is the way out of this bout of deep sadness called depression? The problem with depressive people is trying to let them know that they are not okay so they can get help. One thing about this matter is that, if the sufferers of the symptoms of depression are not willing to get help, then it can be very difficult to help them.

There are majorly two ways to help depressive people. One is through medication, by use of anti depressants and the other is Psychotherapy. Both methods can be helpful depending on the stage of the depression.

The best thing is to cry out for help and go get one. What is most important is that you get well so you can have your life back. You cannot fully be your authentic self being depressed. No, it’s a tougher one at that. You have to be in your right senses and at your sound mind in order to fully maximize your authenticity and thus fulfill purpose.

like we had discussed in the last post, one reason for depression can be grief. Not many people can cope with suddenly not having in their life again, someone they had thought would always be there. And that is totally understandable. But what you need to know is that the memories left in your life by your loved ones is their part that still remains with you. So you can enjoy that but you really have to always make the decision after sometime to move forward with whatever step you can take towards your healing.

You can and will meet other people who may become closer and even more loving than those you have lost. I know this may be very difficult to accept because we sometimes keep ourselves in that state of grieving out of guilt, thinking it would be wicked of us to move on. Even when we have been hurt enough. No, it’s not.

It’s always okay to move on after sometime. You deserve to. You have had a lot to have to pass through. And you need to get up and get your life back before you become who we now have to be mourning because the ultimate end of depression is death if not taken care of.

Therefore get help, and if you know someone going through the signs of depression we have highlighted, please help them get the help that is necessary.

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Joy Iseki



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