Encourage Yourself!

There are times when you are all you’ve got. And there will even be more times when your life so much depends on your response to the happenings in and around you. In those moments, you cannot disappoint self. You’ve got to prepare for times like those moments because they will come.

You have to muster the act of self encouragement. In the days of so much strength, have some reserve built up inside you for the down moments. Be tough yet very soft.

Remember the Biblical David? When all things were falling apart and brave men who had fought international wars began to cry helplessly for their wives and children that had been held captive, David had no one else to lean on. He pulled out himself from the psychological impact this incident was having on them by encouraging himself. It was then they saw light to get solution to the kidnapping case. So encourage yourself. Do it as often as you can especially at the dire moments of near despondency. If you can find any strength at all, if any dash of hope at the slightest ray, please make use of same and encourage yourself. You need to, we all do.

I found the following tips helpful from wiki-how and wanted to share. Hope you find it useful as i did.

  • Remember the past. Sometimes it is important to forget and let go of the past, but other times it’s important to remember the past. For instance, if you are in the middle of a tough time with a friend, remember all of the good times you’ve had with that friend in the past. When remembering the past, sometimes it is great fun to think way back, even to childhood, about fun, interesting, and exciting experiences. Often this makes me laugh, and it also helps me to see how rich and wonderful my life has been — and no doubt will continue to be.
  • Encourage yourself and commit to do good things for YOUR self, too! It will help brighten some of your days, and help you get through other days.
  • List your worries. This may seem like a strange way to be encouraged, and you’ll admit that initially listing your worries sometimes causes you stress! However, listing your worries is often the first step in dealing with the issues at hand, and as you deal with them, you’ll be encouraged. Also, as you list your worries — especially if you write in a journal about them — You often see that they are not as big and scary as you thought. Often, when you journal about your concerns or the things you are frustrated about, you’ll find that you are blowing things out of proportion and that the situation isn’t nearly as bad as you initially thought. That’s encouraging!
  • Make a list of your talents. We often focus on what we’re not good at, or ways we fail or wish we are different. But we all have various gifts and abilities. Focusing on those things can provide a great deal of encouragement. Nothing is too small to list!
  • None of this has to take a long time, but it’s important to plan things for yourself as part of your daily routine. Again, small things count!
  • List small aspects of big blessings. When encouraging yourself, it’s great to start off with the well-known and obvious things such as family, friends, your home, and so on. But once you’ve listed those things, try to be more specific. For instance, if you’re thankful for your family, one by one list the members of your family and then write a detailed listing of all of the ways you are thankful for that specific family member. The same can be true for the other biggies.
  • Remind yourself of encouragement from others. Yes, this article is about encouraging yourself, but sometimes you can do that by remembering past encouragement from others. Perhaps no one has done anything to encourage you this past week or even month, but we’ve all had bits of encouragement from others in the past. One of the best things you can do is keep an “encouragement folder.” Put all kinds of bits of encouragement into that folder! If someone sends you a card with an encouraging word, rather than tossing it, stick it in the folder. When someone leaves an especially kind word on one of your articles, copy and paste that into a Word document and save it. Add bits of encouragement to the document as you receive them. And don’t forget to also type in words of encouragement that have been spoken to you as well.
 For further clarifications, questions, contributions or counselling, you can mail me at isekijoy@gmail.com
#BeYou, it’s your best gift to us
Joy Iseki
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