Even if you’ve lost it, DO NOT lose your mind.

During our life time, we can’t deny not having lost some things or even someone at some point.

We lose relationships, some key friendships; we lose money, focus and even ourselves!!
Or If there’s anyone who hasn’t witnessed at least one loss  and you are above thirty, please show up; i want to meet with you and maybe get to know your testimony!

We lose hope sometimes.

We lose our faith after a long time spent in prayers and believing for some things we thought we should have.

We even lose our loved ones.

And the lists can become endless, especially with age and with each new phase of our evolving life here on Earth.

For some charismatic Christians, a pastor’s declaration of “you shall have no loss!!” is characteristically marked with a very hysterical shouts of “Amen!” and that is very understandable considering the pains a lost can cause most of us. No one really wants to lose anything good.

The loss of any kind is never one of those things we want in our wish carts.
But they happen.
And because we know that they happen, whether now or sometimes in the future, we ought to find a proactive way of making the effects less harmful to our overall well being.

The question then becomes, how do i minimize the effect of a loss in my life?

One thing i advice people who go through loss is to first guard their mind.

You see, when stuffs happen to us, our mind’s interpretation of it could determine the degree to which we experience the pain in that situation. And so it is very key that we protect our mind by way of intentional thoughts pattern.

Intentional thinking is being aware of your thoughts at each moments especially as regards your interpretation of the circumstances.

It’s quite unfortunate that our mind gears towards the negatives than it those with positives. I cannot explain to you why it is so but i do know that being positive involves our efforts and it is only achieved through conscious practice.

If you have had the opportunity of being at a Mental clinic before, i’m sure you would not want the experience. The surprising thing about a lot of those cases there can be something as simple as losing a relationship, especially for the ladies due to a heartbreak.
For some people after so many bad relationship history, a heart break could only be another sad song only. And so hearing that someone had lost their mind to it can sound a bit abnormal to them.

We do not all process things in the same way. Not everyone is hard minded. That’s the reason we give some space for the exceptions.

Even the Bible admonishes us to keep our heart with all diligence.
It is really important that you guard the incoming thoughts that disturbs your peace at those trial moments so that you can think clearly and also be able to maintain your peace.

Mental toughness cannot be overemphasized. When everything is perfect and all is going on well, anyone can seem strong at those seasons. The real test is when the water starts to boil.
And you don’t want to lose it then.

So keep enough deposits of an inner peace in your mind.
Build up your capacity to take sh*t (yeah, you heard me right!)
Have memories of what you had overcome before. That has a way of giving you the power to believe that you can do it again.
Stay away from the negatives and dis-empowering thoughts. You won’t be able to work out your victory that way.

And after you’ve done all options i just mentioned above, stay focus on finding the solution.

Whining and repetitive complaints of the situation (we know it’s already there, no need over-flogging it) won’t bring out the answers that you so desperately need at this time.

We only find what we seek.
Seek the solution to the problem but don’t lose yourself in the process.

#beyou, it’s your gift to us.

-Your friend
Joy Iseki

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