Fellow Nigerians…(I am in those thoughts again!)

Life is not easy here at all. It’s like some days it’s all a thorny rose in Nigeria with no hope of a harvest. I am not saying this as some form of complaints before one motivated bloke will come and start preaching to me about that matter.
And hey, don’t remind me about how life is not a bed of roses. I think i know that by now.
At least, let’s even have some roses in the first place.

The worst part is, as bad as it may seem, we’ve still got to not just survive but live as well.
If you grew up in Nigeria or maybe living in here as a citizen (because our “expatriates” here have it better than our citizens. Part of the African complex), then you may find your self sometimes questioning God on your citizenship.
Like a friend once asked me; “why dem no born me as American or even oyinbo..?” (and before you crucify her for racial complex, please make sure you have been a bonafide Nigerian living in Nigeria).

Well, neither i nor my dear friend knew the answer.

I know some very good charismatic motivators would sometimes tell you about how it doesn’t matter where you were born and how you could really make it well in life regardless of your colour or country. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? The problem is, it ain’t that simple.
But if you ask the speaker how much sweats he’s been doing compare to his overseas contemporary and he’s still not known globally after all his hardwork? He may even not be able to answer that easily.
My broda, country matter abeg…!

i am aware of many people who have succeeded right from this country, including myself.  Neither am i saying life abroad is a golden path to succeed. We know people still sleep on the streets of America. So i am not disputing the fact that you cannot make it here in Nigeria. Far from it.

My issue is with the many unnecessarily difficulty one has to go through before one can do very simple things. How we make life so uneasily bearable for each of us. Kai!! Most we even sweat it to collect c’mon idcards?

Well, if we are really honest with ourselves, we would agree that even the American president will most likely not be away from his country due to ill health for more than two months in another hospital outside his country.  Reason being that the hospitals in his homeland can do the job.

Now compare both cases and you would see that sometimes, we try to act as if nothing really matters; like it’s the same result everywhere by similar effort. We even use the law of gravity to try to validate what we mean. Many quote that all objects that go up must fall down regardless of which country it was thrown up. We pretend like we’ve seen snow come down in Lagos!

You know, i look at Nigerians and how much we still even try to laugh in the midst of the difficult circumstances. I mean, how do we really cope with all these pathetic things we have to go through daily? How does a family of five really cope with the minimum wage of 18k per month? And someone’s still saying they shouldn’t take bribes? How would that really work?

How do we still “slay” in those our pictures on instagram after all the mess we even go through on our roads to get to the posing destination? We even filter our emotions these days!! Very strong people we are. I must confess on that.

But then, i also feel angry about us too. I get angry at how much more sh*t we have to take before we wake up.
I get infuriated at the excuses we make for our leaders and how we show by our demeanor, that we really don’t deserve it better than what we presently experience? They even ask us to pray for the country!! Abeg, na wu bi maga..and who bi de mugu?

I think a major part of our issues lies in our belief for a prayer that would cause God to come down Himself and bail us out. Let’s keeping waiting.

Until you realize that you deserve better and stand up to it, nothing good will be delivered to you.

I get lost in my trance sometimes wishing for a day, and i mean just one day, we would all wake up from this hypnotized sleep of ours and get back all the good roads, and all the better medical care at our hospitals, the standard education and good classrooms that should have been ours all these years.

Then again, i am awake and the reality is still the same complaints i heard my grandfather used to talk about……..?

My fellow Nigerians, when are we going to wake up to uninterrupted light? Do you even think about it at all? Or may be you have become so used to it, that you see these three days ON and one day OFF rationalization system by PHCN as our destiny? No. We deserve to have the lights. We paid for it, didn’t we?

My patriotic Nigerian, when will you get mad at the minister for works for the potholes on the road causing the accidents rather than blame the other “my car” fella for the dents just done on your car? Wasn’t he also trying to dodge the potholes too, and then in the process, hit your car?

Knowing that the World may soon be living in space, I mean we haven’t even gotten living on Earthen Nigeria right yet.

I am down today. I am thinking too much again…
I promised myself that i would stop this and just act like life in Naija is normal like everyone else seems to do.

But then, i am not just everyone else…..

My fellow Nigerian, even if you don’t know anything else, but note this down and let the truth in it sink into you. Maybe then and even then, you may start seeing quite differently.

You deserve the best. You deserve good medical care like your president is seeking abroad. At least, the most basic of that version. And you can have it here. We are rich enough to have it here in Nigeria.

Fellow Nigerians, let’s wake up.

-your friend

Joy Iseki

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