Fight the Good Fight!!

FIGHT the good fight of faith!! Don’t mind what the words may connote. You’ve got to learn to be a warrior so that you can get trained sooner. Life is a battlefield. I am sorry, if i have scared you with this but you deserve to know the truth. Nothing just happens and you won’t have what you do not deliberately fight to have. If it has to do with your life, it’s always a good fight because so many other people may not have to fight this much again just ‘cos you rose to the battle…and won, for us!! Fight because you are tough and can help the lame.

Sometimes the fight is a fight of your faith, for your beliefs, because of your visions, maybe it’s for your family, or your career, it could even be for the love that you dare believed in; for whatever reason it is, YOU’VE GOT TO FIGHT FOR IT!! Fight because you deserve to have it too. Fight because you were made for more. Fight. Just don’t accept anyhow verdict. Be the judge of the matter that regards you.

The most important fights you will fight on this earthly sojourn will be in your minds; against your limiting beliefs, against what you have envisioned as your obstacles, against what you always heard said about your abilities, capabilities and even against what you said about and against yourself. Fight for the truth. The truth that you are more than this. The truth that you can do it as dreamt; even better in reality. Fight until that truth is visible to all without your explanation. Fight until you no longer have to introduce yourself. Fight until the fight is finally over. By all means, do not give up on it even if you have to give in to try how it works some other ways….that’s fine.

Fight because you know you can win. And you will win.

#BeYou, it’s your best gift to us.

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