Grow From Within Coaching Series


People send me questions about living with guilt, and being easily critical of themselves, even if the situation weren’t any fault of theirs.

Some find it hard to even look in the mirror without feeling ashamed of themselves. Or without seeing a dirty, inferior image starring back at them.

Others wished they were anyone else but themselves. They blame themselves for everything, even when they’re right, they feel like an imposter.

In my work as a therapist, I’ve heard many things and strange beliefs people have of themselves.

I’ve helped some of these persons privately to work these things out.

Here’s our focus in this coaching series:


This program is so designed to help you deal with the self-loathing, self-defeating, self-sabotaging, and every habit that isn’t helpful to the growth and happiness of the Self.

It’s a 4-week designed coaching. Each week video session is about 2hours long and have a different theme.

Every week is focused on different issues affecting your beliefs about the self from within.

Week one: Inner Child Work

Focus is on the events that had hurt or interrupted your proper childhood development which may have had a negative impact on your mental processes.

✓Attachment Issues

✓Adverse Childhood Experiences

✓Ego work on ego stories

Week Two: Focus is on Acceptance,   Forgiveness, and Compassion for Self.

✓Dealing with Shame

✓Dealing with Guilt

Week Three: Focus is on developing better Inner Dialogue, Compassion, Self love and Empowering Beliefs about the Self.

✓Dealing with Self loathing and Blaming

✓Dealing with the inner critic

Week Four: Focus is on Learning to Love yourself, Build healthy self-worth and self-esteem, forgive yourself, love yourself and make the commitment to treat yourself better.

✓Mirror Work


It’s NOT a therapy session. It is a coaching session designed to help you work out your own emotional healing daily in all your doings, thoughts, and beliefs about yourself.

You’ll learn better ways to love yourself to greater confidence, healthy self-esteem, and right beliefs about yourself separate from the wrong conditioning beliefs that bad affected your happiness up till this time.

Whatever may have happened, it’s your turn to be FREE.

It’s your turn to free yourself from the victim mode.

Join us at the GROW FROM WITHIN to experience a 4-week work on healing yourself from the layers of memorized emotions hurting your peace, happiness and wellness.

Invest $40 or 12000 Naira (Nigerians only).

Venue: private Facebook group

Account details: 0014633611, GTbank, Joy Iseki.

After payment send the receipt and your Facebook name this WhatsApp number for further enquiry or payment issues and registration.

You can also send receipt as a mail to with GROW FROM WITHIN SIGN UP as the subject.

Program begins January 04 2021.

At the Joy Iseki International organization, your emotional wellness is our priority.

P. S. You can sponsor another person who might need this program but is unable to afford it at a further discounted rate, after your first payment.



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