A lot has been said about being yourself. It has become a millionth times shared hash tag on social media platforms by people whose hearts call for an alignment with their soul. It is a good admonition though. The only prerogative is having the right understanding of what being yourself actually connotes to you as a person. For one who is a robber, telling him to be himself may be a way of him reinforcing his already wrecked beliefs about himself. Because if he had thought well of who he is, he wouldn’t have been a robber. Or is he being himself by being a robber?

Throughout this month of April, we will focus on what it actually means to be yourself, and the best way to maximize your authenticity. Our focus today will be what being yourself actually means briefly, as a way of introduction to this topic.

Authenticity has been defined in various ways known to man by far many people before us. Man has ever looked for ways he could be freer than the freedom offered him.

One of my best pick for the definition of authenticity is in the philosophical terrain.

According to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, “authenticity is derived from the natural self, whereas in-authenticity refers to external influences.” The existential philosopher Martin Heidegger said that “authenticity is choosing the nature of one’s existence and identity.” These two definitions speak my absolute thoughts about authenticity in very simple terms.

While there are arguments about the possibility of attaining our authenticity, or not, and the many factors under that probability, I am not going to bore us with that since I am not a theorist in philosophy. My only concern is in helping you with your evolving lifestyle by living the life that’s true to who you are becoming. Something I have had to deal with myself. And I ain’t done with it. Guess it’s a lifetime journey.

As humans, most of what we do spur majorly from both within ourselves, and the outside influences via the environment we find ourselves. We are undeniably the product of both nature and nurture. Yet, we can through an awareness of self, minimize the influence of external forces at the point where we no longer feel too obligated to do things against our desires, especially as it relates to our beliefs and personalities. This is part of what being yourself is about.

Far too many people are doing what they do not like just to please the individuals who do not even give a hoot about their existence. These people can relate when this is happening to them, because then their thoughts and feelings about what choice they’ve made at that time may not be in congruence with whatever decision they may be acting on.

You see, every part of your bodily vibrations is always speaking to you about your true self, if you listen to them. It is one reason inner stillness can be of great benefits to your evolving lifestyle. Some call this instincts, others, guts. I like to see it as inner guides.

The one who isn’t being true to himself because he wishes to be like everyone else, or be liked by others, is aware that he isn’t being himself, ideally. And in most cases, only he might be able to tell if he is at that time being real or not. To be yourself then isn’t as complicated as it may have been described to you, if only you will listen more to your soul.. It isn’t about convincing you on how you ought to behave, or what you ought to do about certain things just so you can be different from everyone else. No. You are already unique by virtue of your humanity. To be yourself is to be true in actions and words to the energy vibrations about the decisions you are making to ensure you are actually doing what brings you inner peace from those deeds, based on who you are becoming.

I am of the opinion that you are the only one who may know what being authentic means to you since everyone is uniquely made. Although particular conditions and times may warrant certain behaviour from us especially in the public, yet, it is never a means to act contrary to who we are. Whatever attitude that may steal your internal peace is a sign to a deviation from your path of authenticity. Listen to your soul.

It is therefore essential that as we choose the path of wanting to be ourselves, and be free to express who we are as our own contribution to the beauty of the universe’s creative diversity, we should bear in mind the need to listen more to the intuitive inner guides coming through the speaking of our souls to us be ways of emotions, feelings, and the bodily expressions. Therein lies who we are becoming, and the path to our authenticity.

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To your evolving life,

Joy Iseki

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