You are the value you place on yourself.
Regaining your self-worth

In working with various individuals on their healing journey, I found something very common. The majority didn’t believe GOOD about themselves. It was much easier for them to admit their faults than admit anything good about who they are or even about their strengths..

At the surface, this seems like nothing much. Some even argue it’s a way to STAY humble. But if you look deeper, you’d understand that not believing good about yourself is coming from a place of NO self-worth. That’s why you don’t love yourself anyway.

Unfortunately, we weren’t taught about this throughout our academic journeys. So we pay for it the harder way!
When we struggle with acceptance of any kind, our self-worth gets affected. After all, if you don’t believe good about yourself, how can you say you truly love that Self; and if you don’t love yourself, how would you acknowledge your worthiness? It’s like a never ending cycle of personal pain since it ends up affecting every other aspects of our lives.

People who don’t believe they’re worthy often struggle with deep down emotional issues arising from projecting these beliefs on their works, relationships and general interactions with their environment. On the surface, it might seem like it’s another bad day. Even another bad year. But it’s really about your bad negative ideals of self due to the feelings of worthlessness you have in your own eyes.

These individuals are rarely aware that their inability to simply enjoy relationships and just have a happy life stems from a place of lack of sense of value for who they really are.
This is a terrible way to live one’s life as it affects our mental wellbeing.
I must admit I had this struggle too .And millions of people are still struggling to understand this aspect of their life. So you’re NOT alone. Don’t be hard on yourself anymore!
There’s a way out. The right way which is what this program is about.
You deserve to be HAPPY. You deserve good mental wellbeing. You deserve to be loved rightly, and to love yourself. You deserve to be yourself shamelessly. You deserve true acceptance…
But your low self-worth won’t allow you BE.
You can change the narrative .You should change it. And you’ll change it NOW.

That’s why I’ve designed this program for you. It is from my years of practice and seeing the common denominator to the experience of low self-worth among the individuals like you I’ve worked with.
So I designed the solution to this problem and to help you REGAIN YOUR PERSONAL POWER.
Because when you awaken to your true worth, you become aware of the power that’s already in you to live life authentically and happily without any more unnecessary drama and pains.

You learn what you deserve and therefore ensure you have it; whether it’s in being with the right person for a greater love life or ending what’s not worth your time anymore. You gain better control of your life in ways that makes you happier, peaceful, acceptable, loved and appreciated.
Remember, it’s hard to BE anything that you’re NOT conscious of. But when you build up your self-worth, you gain consciousness of the RIGHT things and people and places that truly belongs in your life.
But you must deal with the underlying issues first. Because many like you have all the success and money in this world but are very unhappy with their lives.

You can have as many successes but without your self-worth in place, you’ll struggle with your mental wellbeing
You need to do the first things first by doing this inner work on yourself.

For 21 days, in a private group, this is the journey we’ll do together for only a small amount of N5000/$15. Now, that’s a bargain! Hurry up to register now as we have limited slots for this group healing journey of bliss.
As a therapist and wellbeing coach that has worked with clients from different countries in the world, I have experience in helping individuals experience their authenticity as they regain the power that’s belongs to them already.
Let’s do this together.

Hurry up and register now.

Regaining your self-worth
how to regain your self-worth

Pay with online here or use bank transfer to make payment of 5000 Naira to 0014633611, Gtbank, Joy Iseki and send payment proof to joyisekiinternational@gmail or to Whatsapp

Make bank transfer payment to 0014633611, GTbank, and send proof of payment to our WhatsApp or to the email,, then you get added to the private group.

Program begins August 1st till 21st 2021.
You also get to have a FREE e-copy of my book, BECOMING: GAINING THE CONFIDENCE TO LIVE THE LIFE THAT IS TRUE TO YOU worth 2000 Naira!!!
Program kicks off August 1st. Make that investment in your life NOW. Becoming aware of your true worth depends on this!!

Make online payment here now!!

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