In pursuit for happiness…

What would it feel like to know in your heart and in all your being that you will always be happy?
How differently would you see life, if you are given the full assurance of an ever happy life forever?
Would you act differently if you have the certainty of always being at peace and in happiness as regards every area of your life?

You know, if there’s anything i know we all wished for always, then it has to be happiness. The end of almost all things we work for is that it makes us happy.

Happiness is a state of well-being and contentment.
Gaiety or happiness can also be defined as a pleasurable or satisfying experience.

I love the second definition of it. The satisfying experience is very descriptive of what we each daily crave for in the efforts we put in things and people and when this does not happen, things starts to fall apart. We become sad.

I really don’t think you would have said those your marriage vows to a man you knew won’t make you happy. Neither would you have put in all your abilities out at making that much money by all diligence for the unhappy reasons.

The pursuit of happiness is the ultimate goal of almost all our endeavor.

That’s why when it doesn’t turn out so, life can become chaotic for most people.
Have you meant a successful young dude that seems so promising and full of zeal only for you to draw closer and he tells you “I am not happy?” Do you ever notice the pain in those expressions and especially the disappointment the young man feels about “having it all” and still not happy?

Have you seen a beautiful and very elegant looking lady with all the impeccable beauty features of a goddess, one you would take for the most blissful person on Earth, considering the avalanche of eligible men who would do anything to have her as his and all she can tell you is about her not being happy with her life? I mean why do superstars even commit suicides?

This is not to say having prosperity is not happiness. No, far from it.

I have seen many things and probably heard more than my eyes have seen.
We had thought that Hollywood stars should be the happiest people. We reckoned that our first class graduates should be the richest guys and so by way the most joyful. We somehow always still regard the prettiest among us as the happier ones and so we thought that the richest guy should always have the best home, given his choice of a beautiful bride among all his riches.

Alas! we thought wrongly. Or so it seems?

We know these things to not be so because we have heard and seen it with our own eyes.

Then what is the pursuit of happiness? What really makes us happy? And why aren’t those we thought should be the happiest, the ones we look up to for joy?

Well, i am still on this matter too. It’s something i think about a lot because i really do not know any other thing that could make us get up early and back home late without that pleasurable feeling that is full of a satisfying experience in the end? Aint that a life in futility? I don’t know.

Having reasoned out all these issues on the pursuit of happiness and our idea of how we should be happy, i have come to the conclusion that happiness is in,  and with the moments.

Be happy. Happiness is a state of “be-ing” and not having. With happiness, if you have not “be” it, having possessions do not bring it. Possessions, like money, only amplify what we already are.

When a young lady waits all her life for a groom that would come sweep her off her feet sometimes in the future called marriage before she can be happy, what she has done is imprison her present for the future which she’s not certain about. And so the expectations can become so high that it would take only two super humans to fulfill that in their new home. So she’s disappointed of her “should-have-been-fairy-tales.”

Same thing with our pursuit of money as a means for our joy.
If you cannot enjoy your “mama put” level that you are in right now because you so wished for the Four Points By Sheraton experience before you can celebrate, you will get to that point and ask yourself: “is this it?”

Contentment with where we are right now is a means to happiness. This does not in anyway rule out a dissatisfaction for the present level that we aren’t so proud of though. You should push for more if you are not where you ought to be but not at the expense of postponing your happiness (we should balance this out).

Our happiness then should be a daily thing; in our moments and with whom ever we find ourselves with.
Our laughter should be so sonorous right now where we are, that the future should fear our present standard of it and make it louder before we get there.

You will never be happy in some place at sometime with someone by some means.
There’s no such certainty in life.
Life is the now and whatever will be is not what we should hold for the pursuit of our happiness.

Be happy right now and in the moments with whomever you share those feelings with.
For those are the only experienced certainty you have been assured of.

I wish you a moment by moments of happiness!!

-Your friend
Joy Iseki

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