It’s okay to give it up…

I know you’ve been told times without number about never giving up. I heard it’s even become a cliche for start ups from their mentors especially as they begin their first entrepreneurial journey. That’s fine.

I haven’t come to tell you otherwise, maybe in some different ways though.

A friend told me about his friend who’s been trying to do a particular thing for years in the same way. He talked about how much of his efforts to dissuade him from repetition has been turned down. His reasons being that he doesn’t want to be seen as someone who gave up, and so this man is worst of by this time. It’s been past five years by now and the frustration is threatening to tear apart his marriage of four years. I mean that wasn’t the fairy tale the bride had bargained for anyways. That got me thinking.

My friend’s friend is not alone in this.

I have met so many people who in a bid not to give up, won’t let go of what seems not to be working. And you know what? It may never work that way for them. You can give up many things, even friendships and dreams, plans and roles. You can dream another dream. You need to understand that there are more than one ways to so many things. Even to success too.

There are many routes to London. Don’t get stuck in the rut trying to fit into what’s been taught you. You are in the field now, and that’s where the words are tested out. If something won’t work and you have tried out the many different ways to it, and it still fails, please try something else.

I am sure you don’t want to know how many things top guys have tried out before they became who they are today. But they don’t talk about ’em anymore since they found what works now. That’s how it will be for you too by the time it finally clicks. Please try it another way.

You can give it up. Whatever it is. You can try something else before you make yourself a failure and declare all your villagers witches!!

Don’t let pride hold you back from experimenting with other stuffs, even if it’s in meeting with new people. Try fast and early too. It’s best that you failed on time so you can move on fast too.

I know you are afraid of being called “jack of all trades,” but at least you have a trade!! those who call you names probably have none. Keep on trying dear Jack until you get what works for you eventually. Then you can become maybe, “Jack of A TRADE.” But until then, quit pretending that it’s fine when it’s actually not and make the necessary adjustments even if it may mean you giving up what you are presently doing.

#BeYou, it’s your best gift to us

-Your friend

Joy Iseki


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