It’s your experience….be the author of it!




Your joys, and your pains; those sorrows that you felt the hurts about and every triumphs you ever had and will have, is your story. You should be the key note speaker of it.

You see, right now, we are in a super fast era and a very media-centered one at that, especially with the era of the internet were everyone is now a publisher! If you are not careful, someone will announce your next move even before you made it. It’s part of our era and we have to deal with it that way. But you must not be careless about somethings though. No, you ought not to let someone else narrate what it is you experienced given their own narratives! It was your load and the measure of the weight is yours to determine but if you are not deliberate enough to care about that, someone else might just take in on it.

In this time that we are in, someone feels he’s the standard, the bar to which everyone else must bow to. And another claims he’s the don and so his ways are the classic. My question is, whats your opinion? As subtle as these things may seem, most people are already caught in that status quo web. If you want to do something, they are quick to let you know on how’s its being done and thus how you ought to do yours? And my thoughts becomes: “says who?” This is not to say that you should be “anti-everything” everyone else does. No, of course not! But you have to let your voice be heard too, at least in the things that has to do with you. You have to allow your authentic self be expressed without feelings of shame and courageously embrace your uniqueness.

I get bored easily with too much similarities, don’t you? So why do we still insist on being all the same? It’s cos that’s the easiest route and the least resistant to follow. But you know what, that path has no mark because everyone there is normal. But you can’t remain normal if you want to be relevant. You will have to let loose sometimes, even laugh loud when it seems not “sophisticated” to do so and hey, maybe even dress off the tune if that’s what’s required to get you done!! Who cares anyway? If not you??!!

I am saying to you, to get real; to speak as your voice is without having to give your nose a difficult air passage because of your efforts to sound “tush!” I am trying my part to make your real self be known so you can be easily identified in a very crowded world of more than 6 billion people. You can start now, but you must know that it’s a very lonely and sometimes difficult journey and one that resonates well with being “abnormal,” cos that’s how they will judge you. But it’s okay.

#BeYou, it’s your best gift to us.

-Your Friend

Joy Iseki

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