#lifeonpurpose: “The training has deposited vital ingredients in the staff and children..”

At the end of the five weeks training my youth mentoring program #lifeonpurpose had with the students and teachers of the Peace-Hill British Academy, we spent some time with the amiable proprietor of the school to know more about her drive.

During my recurrent visits to this school at the time of our training, I saw a woman who was closely relating with her students. Going by how we’ve been raised in this part of the world to believe the leaders were superior, and as such never to be seen interacting “lowly” with whom they are leading, I found that trait about her the real definition of humility. Children need such environment to understand that leadership isn’t a chance to just rule it over, like we’ve always had it here.  I thought, “we need more bosses like this!”

Please find the full interview below.

Good day ma’am, please tell us briefly about you, and what moved you into educational background?
I am Mrs Asonye Peace the proprietress of Peace-Hill British Academy, a professional educator with over 17 years of experience and a mother of three sons. I loved impacting knowledge from a very young age and I became Sunday school teacher while I was in primary school. My teaching talent was discovered by my teachers in church.

You have been teaching for a long time now before opening up this school. What inspired you to have your own school?
I discovered that something was missing in young children, which was affecting their personality as an individual and spreads to the community and this creeps into the governance of the nation and gives birth to poor leadership. Most children can’t think logically because of the methods and content used by their teachers, they are not vast in knowledge and are not detailed in their work presentation both inside and outside the school environment because little things that mattered were neglected. Teachers don’t see anything wrong when a child writes with blunt pencils, rules margins without a ruler, uses some wrong languages in class, etc. You only find such teachers in high standard schools like core British curriculum schools and such schools are not affordable to average income earners which make up the highest population in our society today. British curriculum schools are not less than 1.5 million naira per session, I desired to touch the lives of thousands of children because they are the future of our country and I needed to start with my biological children and that was it. The school is 2 years now and the results are overwhelming.

How would you describe the impact of teaching in your own life?
Teaching has humbled me, made me more tolerant and loving because a teacher plays the role of a mother, caregiver, friend, role model and confidant. It has exposed me to so much information both locally and internationally. I would it has made me a better me.

How has it been being a carer of children? What’s the experience like for, and in what ways does it affect your perspective about life?
My experience as a teacher has helped me to understand why people behave the way they do because childhood experiences play major roles in an adult’s life.

Based on your experience with children of diverse backgrounds as a teacher for so many years, what advice can you give parents as regards parenting?
Parents have to understand that each child is unique and should never be compared with another. Your child will never forget memorable times spent together with them, do not compromise the time you share with your children because it pays off when they become adults.

What role do you think teachers have to play in molding the lives of students in the new social media generation we are in?
They need to be vast in knowledge because this is 21st century and the children deserves to be stretched in order to measure up with current changes in the world.
Their content and methods should conform with international standard and not just what is written in their textbooks.

What differentiates Peace Hill British Academy from other schools?
Our curriculum is unique because aside the conventional curriculum which we upgraded to meet up to international standard it is geared towards exposing the children to the outside world and different international cultures and beliefs.

Tell us about Peace Hill Schools of the next 10 years?
It will be a school whose name would be heard all over Nigeria and beyond because of what we stand for and our impact in our community and children at large. Government will identify with us because our work in these children to help improve the fallen standard of education in Nigeria will be heard and felt far and near.


How did you find our recent 5 weeks training with your students through the #lifeonpurpose initiative?
The training has deposited vital ingredients in the staff and children which is helping them maximize identify potentials embedded in them.


Share with us one of your favorite life quotes that spur you on?
When life throws shit at you, use it as a manure to grow your seed. No matter what, remain fruitful and productive because the race for excellence has no finish line.

Thank you!

As the schools resume a new term, #lifeonpurpose program moves to another school for a five weeks training period. Our focus is mentoring the younger generation on how to live an evolving life from their younger age.

The #lifeonpurpose mentoring program is an initiative of Joy Iseki.

Peace-Hill British Academy is located at Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria.

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