Managing emotional wellness during the pandemic

Managing Emotional Wellness

“During crisis, our ability to create a balance keeps us in control, and awakens our awareness and power to think responsively.”

-Joy Iseki


Human beings like the predictable, habitual routine of life. During crisis, one of the feelings of discomforts we have comes from a break in that pattern. This is just part of what the current Corona virus pandemic has caused us.

We are usually not very comfortable with anything new, or unfamiliar. But with the stay at home challenge and isolation caused by the virus outbreak, we’re being forced to a sudden lifestyle we may not be used to before now.

With what I’ve heard from the people I’ve spoken to during this crisis, the greater part of their fears and panicking had come from the uncertainties the pandemic is causing; whether about the now or for the future.

In fact, most shared more fears for the future after this pandemic than for the now.

People are afraid of what would become of their jobs, businesses, families, health, and their countries.

These fears are totally valid. We have a legitimate right to have them. The problem would be not doing anything about these feelings, thereby allowing them ruin our mental state. This is my concern.

The sudden change in behaviour and lifestyle is affecting us in many different ways, depending on which area we’re most geared towards.

For the more social ones, the idea of not clubbing anymore, or having no chance to visit the cinema, gym, bar or other social gatherings can also upset their routine lives. They may become bored, lonely and isolated without physical connections with other people, if they do not create the space to adjust to their new ways of life that have been forced on them. Some may tend towards depression as a result.

We can see that so much has changed in just a short time. The way we live our lives is being altered by one invisible enemy threatening the human race.

What can we do in the light of this about our state of well-being, given that the majority of the issues happening are not within our control? The government had imposed most of these regulations in a bid to control the spread of the virus. We don’t seem to be in control of most of it.

I think this is the period to look within us to draw out strength and creativity to navigate successfully through this pandemic.

As much as we lack the control over the impositions placed on us by the government, we do have control over our response to the situation still. Our focus then should be how to maximize the part we have the control over to manage our emotional wellness.

We can accept the situation, without living in denial. Crisis period like this demands acceptance to help our mental state.

Acceptance, like I’d always say, is the fundamental key to gaining control over situations. When we accept things that happen to us, we free ourselves from the panic the lack of control can create.

You have to accept whatever emotions and feelings you’re having about the current crisis, and also accept whatever you may have been affected with, whether with your job or business. This is the first and most important step. It is the right state of mind that will give you the power to decide what else to do that can be used to mitigate the situation.

How we accept or deny what happens to us would determine the extent of our emotional wellness, or not, during crisis like this.

You can start to take one day at a time, especially if your fear is more about worries for the unknown future. I shared a lot about this in my video two weeks ago (find it on my Instagram page,@thekounsellor) on the importance of living one day at time during crisis like this. It can help us more mindful and present in the now, so that we can survive first. The unknown future will come and be taken care of when it arrives.

We must create a balanced view of the situation by not placing all our focus on the negativity alone. Since we’re aware of how our energy tend to move in the direction of our focus, it means that a lopsided attention on the negativity alone this period would only drain us of the necessary energy we might require at this time.

Effort must be made on our part to also see the other side of the coin. What if this pandemic have given you more bonding with your loved ones? What if it has also taught you more about the brevity of life, empathy, and the importance of the human relationships over the many things we chase after that isn’t helpful in critical moments?

We rarely know these aspects of life until sudden events like this outside our control happens.

Whatever it is, I am sure you must have had some good turns from this whole episode too. You may not have observed it because you haven’t really paid attention.

Balance is very important to have in times like this. It helps us see the blessings in disguise, which can create the elevated emotions we need right now to increase our vibrations. I’d encourage you to take a second look again and find the good that’s been happening for you thus far.

You can also pause in the middle and allow yourself be an observer of all that’s going on. Because we’re so involved, we forget ourselves and get lost in the happenings. We may become like an automatic machine, devoid of any form of awareness if we are not careful. This attitude would make us be like everyone else in reacting and doing what we’re not consciously involved in.

You can take a break though. You should break out and observe. This will awaken your awareness and put you in more control of the situation.

For the ones who find it very difficult to be alone, this may offer you the opportunity to build an interesting relationship with yourself: something that’s very good for your emotional well-being.

We get so attached and clingy to others that we sometimes forget who we are. I think this offers us the opportunity to begin the journey of self-introspection that can lead to better and progressive self-relationship.

Whatever you do, be conscious enough about it in order not to allow yourself wallow in the negativity. You can re-frame the interpretation of the crisis in a way that favours your emotional stability.

Remember, no matter what happens to us, we always have the control to choose our emotions, especially after the initial shock of the disturbances. We’ve passed that initial reaction now. It’s time to take charge and be involved in how this turns out for us, mentally. That way, we’re able to manage our emotional wellness even in the midst of a crisis like the ongoing corona virus pandemic.

I wish you good luck!



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To your healing, love and fulfillment.

Joy Iseki.



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