The Authentic Self movement is my passion, It was borne out of my unique life experiences. Discovering my identity was a struggle, which I do not want you to go through, reason I have this website. You can click on the blog posts to read my thoughts. We can and we will help others who need to know who their authentic self is by our life stories. So they can be free to be who they are and fulfill their purpose.

Depression along with many other mental health issues is as a result of identity crises. The bitter truth is that it is not all of us that will fully maximize our potentials. However we can through our life stories help some others who are willing but feel helpless. You can share your own story of any struggle of identity you might have had and how you overcame them.

Together we all can make the world and the beautiful people in it, better through the expression of our Authentic Selves.
Thank you
Joy Iseki

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