On being cautious with what’s being said about you…..


goal is to Live.


It’s important that we get this part well.
There are many good intentions being antagonized by haters.
And then some bad choices still being glorified by lovers of same.
There was a time I cared too much about what was being said. I think I lived for them.
Yet they weren’t pleased.
It’s not about you. It’s about how someone else perceives things. Unfortunately, it’s a part of them that you have absolutely no control of.
It’s a complicated triangle really.
That’s why you must live your life because however you do it, somebody still won’t be satisfied.

Part of being your authentic self is how you learn to say no so that you can be sure per time that you are actually saying a yes to those people and things that matters most.

If you really want to be authentic, you must live. And how you live most times, is dependent on how much awareness of self you have.

That’s why I keep emphasizing on how you must learn to spend time alone and think about you. Especially at the end of the day. It helps to ruminate over the day and also realign where there had been a shift.

Our action plan today is to live our younique lives. And one way to start that is by being less cautious of what’s being said about us. Feedback is great, if it’s constructive enough to help you grow and make changes. Otherwise it’s somebody else’s efforts at making you live for them!

How will you live your younique life today?

I talked about all these in my book, #liveyouryouniquelife. Do you have a copy yet?
Inbox me for yours now.

So live your life dammit!!

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