Outdo Your Yesterday not Other People…

If you want to because of your competitor’s new mark in the industry work out new similar competitive strategies to project your own company’s next line of products, great. If you are in business that is.
But our lives are not so much like a busines. Even though we are almost living it out that way.
We cannot treat the human soul like we do businesses. We could learn from both sides in some ways. But to totally equate a human being to the lifestyle of a business is an absurd thing.
You see the human life is in its own class of life. It’s uniqueness is comparable to nothing else that exists!
That’s how great your life is.
You could as a mentee, or protege, admire a mentor so much to want to be like them. And so you walk and work the similar paths to your destiny. But you must know that even those similarities will never be exact.
Let your goal be to fulfill your purpose. The goal set before you.
Get to know your youniqueness and manifest just that.
Your dream should be to always outdo what you’ve done before. Not to outdo other people.
Stick to the dream.
Joy Iseki
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