School Mental Health Awareness Programs

A school that prioritizes emotional wellbeing excels effortlessly.
Joy Iseki International wellbeing program for students

As I work with adults on their emotional healing, one thing has become very common; many adults are healing FROM their caregivers. A teacher in the past, especially in their developmental stages, is sometimes one of these caregivers.
There are things teachers do that can leave a lasting negative imprint in the lives of their students. Even though most could be unintentional.

For most students, a teacher has a very special place in their hearts, which is why what they do or fail to do can have such influence in the life of the student forever.
Unfortunately, most teachers were not trained in the mental health space to be aware on how their actions and inactions might affect not just their students now but the rest of their lives.

In today’s fast world, it’s not enough that you have just academically sound students, their emotional wellbeing matters too. It is quite difficult to have a student that is left emotionally bruised and distressed have a wonderful life despite all their academic prowess. And teachers play a huge role in this.

This is where we want to come in and fill the gap through our #schoolmentalhealth training programs.
In the HOW TEACHERS CAN PLAY A POSITIVE ROLE IN THE EMOTIONAL WELLBEING OF STUDENT program, we will train teachers on the best ways to ensure their actions and inactions are contributing to the overall psychological wellbeing of the student so that no child would have to heal from a teacher that undergoes this training.

Teachers training on the emotional wellbeing of studentsJoy Iseki International wellbeing program for students
Through our experience in this field, we will ensure that our teachers are properly informed to use their words, deeds and body language to convey exactly their best intentions for each student without a doubt. This way, no student would leave that teacher’s presence anymore feeling any distress that could have gone ahead to affect their mental health in future.

At the end of this training, not only will your school teachers be better ready to handle the emotional needs of their students, they would have become optimally sound emotionally too.

This training is a 60 minutes program at the cost of fifty thousand Naira only (50,000) for no less than fifteen teachers per payment.

Many adults might not have to suffer from bearing the burden of a wounded inner child if they had been better informed on how to process and manage their emotional issues in their developmental stage.
Children and adolescents are humans that also go through distress during difficult moments in their lives.

Unfortunately, most people don’t think about this. They just assume they’re too young and don’t understand anything.
If anyone needs to understand how to manage emotional distresses, it should be children. But they’re often neglected on how to do exactly this. The majority then become adults with the burden of carrying a wounded inner child at the age certain things had happened which they couldn’t process at that time.

What if we teach children and adolescents early the things we’re now having to learning in our adulthood, wouldn’t we be improving the mental health of their lives now and in the future? I’m sure, yes!
This is why we’re doing this program: EMOTIONAL REGULATION AND WELLBEING FOR STUDENTS. Through this program, we hope to fill some emotional void of the students and catch them young as we teach them how to cope during the most difficult times of their young lives. We hope that this will contribute to a better experience for their mental health as adults in future.

This program cost one hundred thousand Naira only (N100,000), and last for 90minutes per training with no more than 40 students per payment.
If your organization has interest in mental health of individuals, you might want to sponsor this program. We’ll be glad to work with you.

It is our believe that prevention is better than cure in any case. The only preventive measures we have is to share the practical knowledge to as many people about areas where they have the control when it comes to their wellbeing.
Contact us now to make that transformational visit to your school. You’ll be glad you did.
Please can call +2348061551796, send e-mail to or click here to chat us up now.

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