Today marks the third week since started out this topic on self-awareness. And it’s been a really great time for me to relearn some of the things I thought I had known about self-awareness. I guess that’s the beauty of sharing; we become better ourselves!

So we will be dealing on how we can become self-aware. Last week, we discussed reasons why we should become self-aware. I would like to take that further to let us know how we can really walk the self-awareness journey.

I have been on this journey because of the importance of self-awareness, especially if you really want to evolve. Humans were not born to be static. Growth is proof of our living and so to evolve in our mind and mental capacity, we should have become self-aware first of all. Part of that process of awareness is in how it can make us in tune with our authenticity (which is my goal) and so this can play a role in helping us know ourselves as we truly are.

It is pertinent that you know from here that your authentic self is an evolving process but it is already who you are. It only requires your confidence to accept it and allow it freedom to be expressed from your heart. All of us are ever evolving until we finally leave this earth. You cannot fully know self yet, that’s why you are sometimes surprised by the things you do? We mostly are!



You are everything that’s ever happened to you up until this moment. And for many people, even their current life is held up or down majorly by their past occurrences. As much as we don’t like to admit this, it is one truth that can set us free. In my conversation with people, I have met some people whose life’s changed due to a major past event, especially in relationships.

There are some people who have been so hurt and disappointed in their past relationships that it has changed the way they see other people. They have become less trusting and easily keep more to self while claiming that it is because they do not like to interact. Although is can be quite true for some people naturally. However, the ones I am referring to here are those whose attitude became so due to their reactions to what happened before now. It’s a whole lot deeper than that. They have allowed their current life to be held down by their past hurts and so became more withdrawn. This is just one of the many instances of how retracing our past can help us know why we behave the way we do. For me, this was an important exercise and one that has brought me so much freedom.


How much you know of yourself will be determined a whole lot by the attention that you are giving to yourself. I know you are so used to observing and judging other people critically. How about changing the table to your own direction and observing yourself. Sounds strange? Not really.

Self-Reflection is particularly very good at the end of the day. You can try this when your mind is relaxed and you are about going to bed. What you do is to play back how the day had gone with your mind and kind of do a reflection of all the actions and inactions that you could remember during the day. Personally, I used to do this by way of keeping a journal. In fact, I used to keep too much diaries. Rarely per time that I’m not found with a journal. Although I am not able to do this daily as I once did before but I still replay quite more in my mind. But when I first started out on this, I did keep some daily journals.

The fear of other people finding out my honest journal has kept me back from this practice as I grew older. I don’t know why I fear so though! But you can do whatever practice that works for you. Either a journal, or some daily few minutes’ meditation. Maybe a prayer or some routine that at least sets your mind at ease and helps you reflect over the day. The most important thing here is what decision you make at the end of this practice that would make you become more self-aware and reduce your chances of a previous mistake, if any.


This part can be quite tricky. Maybe because we are sometimes not sure of whom to seek these feedbacks from. And also because we fear what they will tell us! Being human, it is quite natural for us to have some blind spots, especially as we are prone to an over or even under estimation of ourselves; whether in terms of worth, attitude, or class. Therefore seeking opinion from others as regards who we are can be quite daunting.

Personally, I’d advice that you know whose advice you are seeking. As much as the feedback is important, especially a very honest and open minded one; equally important is from whom we seek them. So it’s up to you to decide on that. The important thing is to get a honest feedback, accept it and work in the areas these feedbacks might so require of you.


Psychometrics is a field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement (Wikipedia). This field is concerned with the objective measurement of skills and knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits, and education achievement.

I remember my earlier days on this matter especially after I came across that famous Tim Lahaye’s book (WHY YOU ACT THE WAY YOU DO), where he had written about temperaments and reasons for our personality differences. The book was an eye opener for me and began my search into human relations as a matter of fact. I still regard it as one of my most life transforming books yet. And I think you should go look for it too.

Psychometric tests would seek in a way to use the data you’ve filled usually in a form to help evaluate you. So the results from these tests also depends on your honest answers to the questions asked.

You can get some free Psychometrics tests online (,, etc ) to start with. Good luck.

Next week, we shall conclude on Self-awareness and move to another topic. My goal is to help you live your authentic life by bringing to you those things that would aid in your authenticity journey.

You can drop your comments and questions in the comment section or mail me @ You can also connect with me on my social media platforms ( Instagram, @joyiseki; Twitter, @isekijoy or join my community group on facebook, The Younique Minds Community ).

Remember to always #liveyouryouniquelife

Thank you,

Joy Iseki.

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