Self Healers Project

Self Healers Project
June 12, 2020 Joy Iseki
The 4-weeks Self healers program

People send me questions about living with guilt, and being easily critical of themselves, even if the situation weren’t any fault of theirs.

Some find it hard to even look in the mirror without feeling ashamed of themselves. Or without seeing a dirty, inferior image starring back at them.

Others wished they were anyone else but themselves. They blame themselves for everything, even when they’re right, they feel like an imposter.

In my work as a therapist, I’ve heard many things and strange beliefs people have of themselves.

I’ve helped some of these persons privately to work these things out.

Many of these issues weren’t your fault. They were mostly the way life was modelled to you.

Some had happened for the terrible childhood adversities you were exposed not.

While cases of cognitive distortions had also affected the negative perception you have of yourself, and of the some personal experiences dear to you.

Also, any of the adverse childhood experiences such as child abuse (sexual, emotional or physical), child neglect (both emotional and physical), parent or household mental illness or substance and alcohol use, death of a parent or sibling, witnessing a domestic violence or parent separation or divorce.

Any experiences or exposure to these adverse childhood experiences could increase your chances of emotional instability and mental breakdown in the future.

Whatever may have happened, it’s your turn to be FREE.

Join us at the SELF HEALERS PROJECT to experience a 4-week work on healing yourself from the layers of memorized emotions hurting your peace.

Invest $100 or 35000 (Nigerians only) for this online intense group of 100 people only program.

See MORE details on flyers or send a direct WhatsApp chat here for further enquiry or payment issues and registration

You can also send a mail to with SELF HEALERS PROJECT SIGN UP as the subject.

Program begins July 5th 2020.

At the Joy Iseki International organization, your wellness is our priority.

P. S. You can sponsor another person who might need this program but is unable to afford it at a further discounted rate.


Self healers program by Joy Iseki


Payment details for the self healers project

Payment Details

The 4-weeks Self healers program

Introduction of the self healers project

Enrollment details for the self healers project

Enrollment details


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