Someone please call 911!!

“Please help me!!”

That cry can be mistaken for a baby’s call especially if you are a nursing mother or one with little kids still growing up. That’s quite normal and part of the daily routine you have to deal with. But that’s not the cry i am talking about in this case. I am mean when a matured man can boldly make those utterances, then we must treat as a case of emergency. I am sure you know what i mean!

As simple as those words above may seem, i am sure it could be one of the hardest thing you may have to say in your life or even dare to say…especially for the men in our lives!!! Yes, i think men do have a harder time asking for help than women, although i am still yet to fully understand the reasons why that is so.

For sometime now, i have been trying to understand why it is difficult for people to ask for help, and i am still on that research. I hope to get my findings right on that soon enough.

Because we are humans and like to think all-sufficient of ourselves, and maybe quite true to our very good survival nature too, we pretend a lot that we got it all together. So there you are in the midst of all these happy faces in your office and you will think everyone’s won the lottery, which is a good thing. But if you are having it tight in some areas of your life and you refuse to ask for help because you think it is self-abasing to do so, you are wrong on that. Everyone of us at some point in our lives will always need help, and that includes your boss, and even your Spiritual leader too. That one common factor is part of our humanity.

The fear of rejection, the thoughts of people seeing you as weak when you ask for their help, and the fear that we may lose control over our lives, are some reasons why people do not always want to ask for help when they are needy. All of us will need a shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold us up and a feet to walk us to our summit at some particular time of our life journey here on Earth. The bonding that our helping one another can generate for our human relationships cannot be quantified. It is immensely immeasurable and something that gives our lives a meaning.

You are not less of a human being when you ask for help nor are you being a pest to reveal that you are needy at this particular time. As a matter of fact, i think people who ask for help are the more secured people and courageous too. It takes a lot of emotional will power to be vulnerable and that is what asking for help those. It shows our vulnerability as humans. So when you are in need for some ear to listen to you or someone to share in your weakness, if you are courageous enough to even share your pains with another fellow, then know that you are the real brave soul. It shows that you are secured in yourself and not afraid to let your guards down (it’s also important to be sure of those we disclose ourselves to too, not everyone can handle that).


So next time, you are feeling vulnerable and in need of help, look around you for some faithful friends you can trust to know what’s up with you. Get help! And if it requires some professional expertise, please by all means, book for a therapist or a counselor before the issue gets out of hand. Many drug addicts who died of overdose could have been saved this way. Help is always available to those who ask and reach out for it.

When we give people the opportunity to be of help to us, we also give them the courage to ask for help later when then are in need too and also provide the altruistic ones among us a great chance to be a blessing. These collaborative efforts is the beauty of human life that differentiates us from animals; our ability to help one another and feel fulfilled doing so.

I want you to know that it’s always okay to ask for help. So you can make that call now if you need to. Authentic people are never afraid to show their weaknesses because they are aware that we all share that in common. All of us will do same at some point in our lives too. Someone is always available to pick the call. Somebody who won’t use your vulnerability against you later in the future and even if they choose to, it’s their character flaws and not us. You are stronger and more courageous to have been brave enough to ask for their help when you needed it anyway.

#Beyou, it’s your best gift to us.

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