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In recent times, we’ve been bothered by individuals who wish to have therapy sessions but are unable to afford it.

While we’ve attended to some for free, we’re unable to help all as we do not run an NGO. Yet we want them attended to because of the important role therapy plays in their mental wellbeing.

We’ve had cases of friends and some family members paying for their loved ones to undergo therapy sessions in the past. It made sense. So we’ve adopted the #sponsorfortherapy against this backdrop.

This means you or your organization can pay for anyone who requires our therapy services but are unable to afford it. Most of these individuals are University students, unemployed graduates, single parent and individuals experiencing emotional issues coupled with financial strain.

You can sponsor from anywhere in the world. You’ll get to hear from these individuals and confirm actual therapy session holds. Everything is openly done by all parties. No hidden motive except the desire to see these individuals be at peace and free.

This is an online therapy service and every activity is done online or via cellular calls in the absence of the internet.

Interested? Please hit link to chat me up directly for all enquiry 👇

https://bit.ly/3g5LMcq or email thekounsellor@gmail.com with the subject, SPONSOR FOR THERAPY.

We can heal the world one person per time.

©Joy Iseki

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