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In our previous posts, we had discussed on Addictions and the Reward Pathway, especially its role in addictions. I have had to answer issues on addiction because of the confusion some of us still have with it, especially as regards the way it develops. For those who are still not clear on this, please refer to our last post (Help! i am addicted..2), where i wrote about the REWARD PATHWAY.  That would help.

Now, back to our today’s discussion. We want to highlight some effects of addiction. Addiction has a damage both to our physical body and also our psychological, emotional and neurological bodies, many times leading to Mental Health issues. I am aware that in Nigeria, Mental Health issues are not easily diagnosed because we do not take cognizance of it and so think that we are not affected by it. Truth is, a whole lot of our populace are suffering from mental health issues, reason for the recent cases of publicized suicides. If you are conversant with our society, common sense would tell you that for every one popular case of suicide, about five more would have gone unnoticed.

Some of the consequences of addiction to the physical body are Organ damage, Hormone imbalance, Cancer (caused by nicotine or steroid use), etc while some of the Mental Health issues arising from the Neurological and Emotional effects of addictions are: Depression, Mood swings, Anxiety, Psychosis, etc. And just in case you are tempted to call these bluff, as a Nigerian, it might interest you to know that, Nigeria is the Ninth Most Depressed Nation in the World, according to WHO’s report of 2016 on Most Depressed Nations. Personally, i think its worst than that, considering the poor statistical records we have here.

People commonly fall into addiction because they begin using drugs and alcohol to mask particular emotions that they are going through. The abuse makes them feel good and forget about the problem at hand. Eventually they think they can’t live without them. This is where the roller coaster begins.

We cannot fully maximize our Authentic Self through a cover up with substances or by a means that is not truly showing off who our real selves are, which is what addiction does through substance use. This is why we have been writing on this and to let those who are already addicted know that help is available.

We will discuss Depression in our next post since Depression has become a major sickness that is fast leading to high suicide rates in our society.

#Beyou, it is your best gift to us!

Joy Iseki

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