Stop making case against yourself..


You are at your authentic state if you are yourself without any form of shameful feelings. Sometimes we are shy because we feel ashamed of who we are and so we hide ourselves, our real self. But being real is like being naked like the Edenic Adam and Eve yet without shame. The feeling of shame is because of self-judgment, which may arise as a result of guilt, sadness, something you have done wrong or an embarrassment.

The feeling of embarrassment for instance, can make you feel awkward. We are most embarrassed when we are self-absorbed or just too conscious of what we presume people are saying about us. Many times it’s just you being too self conscious of what you think you are that is not good enough.

So you walk into a room, with your head low and eyes gazing at your shoes, like you had worn the wrong pairs, and then suddenly, some giggles sparks up the room and you say to self: “that’s me they are laughing at, I know!” Hey, how did you become a mind reader? Or a soothsayer, to know if it is you they are actually laughing at? So you start to feel ashamed and embarrassed and shy, making you increase your pace to hide away, just like you always do. And now that you’ve finally ran away, did the feelings change inside of you? I guess not.

By now you of all people should have realized that all your running away all this time has done nothing to help you. Don’t you think it’s time to face the real issue of why it is you always have to escape? You may have ran away from this case but you now that sooner than you know it will happen again. So let’s get this sorted out with you first. You are just being paranoid over what you aren’t certain to be the real reason they were laughing. You refused to admit that maybe the jokes being shared was co-incidental with your time of coming in. What’s worst is that you won’t admit to the fact that you were not exactly feeling good about yourself prior that time, reason you had your head all down as you walked in. I hope you can see now that the issue is actually with you and not the people who are innocently just enjoying their moments. But that’s how most of us react when we feel shy and ashamed of who we are because of too much self-consciousness, especially in the way we belittle who we are.

#BeYou, it’s your best gift to us

-Being excerpts from my soon-to-be-released book

-Your friend


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