I will be starting off with our new discussion on self-acceptance. Last month, we discussed self-awareness which was really a great time here. I have since received positive feedback from that discourse. We will start off today with the excerpts on self-acceptance from my book LIVE YOUR YOUNIQUE LIFE. It will be the introductory part […]

Stop making case against yourself..

  You are at your authentic state if you are yourself without any form of shameful feelings. Sometimes we are shy because we feel ashamed of who we are and so we hide ourselves, our real self. But being real is like being naked like the Edenic Adam and Eve yet without shame. The feeling […]

It’s your experience….be the author of it!

      Your joys, and your pains; those sorrows that you felt the hurts about and every triumphs you ever had and will have, is your story. You should be the key note speaker of it. You see, right now, we are in a super fast era and a very media-centered one at that, […]

Encourage Yourself!

There are times when you are all you’ve got. And there will even be more times when your life so much depends on your response to the happenings in and around you. In those moments, you cannot disappoint self. You’ve got to prepare for times like those moments because they will come. You have to […]

Someone please call 911!!

“Please help me!!” That cry can be mistaken for a baby’s call especially if you are a nursing mother or one with little kids still growing up. That’s quite normal and part of the daily routine you have to deal with. But that’s not the cry i am talking about in this case. I am […]

Fight the Good Fight!!

FIGHT the good fight of faith!! Don’t mind what the words may connote. You’ve got to learn to be a warrior so that you can get trained sooner. Life is a battlefield. I am sorry, if i have scared you with this but you deserve to know the truth. Nothing just happens and you won’t have […]

It was okay to grief…

If you have had to visit someone who just lost a loved one, you would agree with me that it can sometimes be an awkward situation; not just for the mourner but also the sympathizer. How else do you explain being in that moment when you don’t really know what to say or how to […]

He’s quiet and i like to talk..Who’s more real?

……And so we were at this gathering, where we had to do some brainstorming to arrive at some key decisions; and there was this sharp dude, who seems to know so much and boldly assertive about it too. You should have seen his confidence, even with sometimes “nonsense” points! Please pardon me on this.  It […]