From our last discussion of last week, we had established what Self-awareness is and I did try in that post to briefly highlight why it’s important that we become self-aware. However, in this best, I hope to delve more into the basic reasons why self-awareness matters to us, especially in the times that we are […]

Understand your fears…..

When people hear about fears, they can suddenly become dreadful. It’s like a sharp call to some thing they don’t want to know, much less talk about. But do you know that fear can be a good thing? Take for instance, the fear of lack…. If you have such fear, you can turn it into […]

Make Peace with Self First…..

Make Peace with self first….. “Authencity is a call into your natural self. It is simply asking you to be real with yourself and about yourself. And that realness is in your heart and bears witness with who you are becoming. If your personality is not in congruence with your heart, you will know by […]

Outdo Your Yesterday not Other People…

If you want to because of your competitor’s new mark in the industry work out new similar competitive strategies to project your own company’s next line of products, great. If you are in business that is. But our lives are not so much like a busines. Even though we are almost living it out that […]

On common sense…

“Common sense is not common!” I am pretty sure you hear those words, if not more than once in a day’s conversations. Why do we say those words? I mean what really makes common sense uncommon? Have you ever thought about that? Or is it some fella trying to make the rest of us appear […]

We all know who our leader is.

Leadership has always been that one vacant position that seems never to be filled up with time, especially here in Nigeria. And as with everything else that becomes a common need, we get to see many applicants with each promising to be our messiah. The void can sometimes be a good one though, given the […]

It’s okay to give it up…

I know you’ve been told times without number about never giving up. I heard it’s even become a cliche for start ups from their mentors especially as they begin their first entrepreneurial journey. That’s fine. I haven’t come to tell you otherwise, maybe in some different ways though. A friend told me about his friend […]

Allow the process….

To everything, there’s a time and a season. And that applies to everything. Whether it’s at the conception stage or the birth phase; life’s still a process. The same applies to you and everything that surrounds you too.  Sometimes, our worries and anxieties arises because we cannot wait for the end of one process to […]

Fight the Good Fight!!

FIGHT the good fight of faith!! Don’t mind what the words may connote. You’ve got to learn to be a warrior so that you can get trained sooner. Life is a battlefield. I am sorry, if i have scared you with this but you deserve to know the truth. Nothing just happens and you won’t have […]

Coping with Depression.

  Depression makes a millipede out of a giant and is not discriminatory enough to show some respect to the boss; even the intellectual. It even attacks the most beautiful. It can happen to anybody. Depression is a delicate and rather complicated issue. The causes of it are not fully known and so many factors […]


I once knew a man who brushed his mouth with bottles of beer in the morning and it was always the last thing he took most night. We knew this because he often boasted with it. This man was an artisan for my late mom and would often stagger in to do his work. This […]

He’s quiet and i like to talk..Who’s more real?

……And so we were at this gathering, where we had to do some brainstorming to arrive at some key decisions; and there was this sharp dude, who seems to know so much and boldly assertive about it too. You should have seen his confidence, even with sometimes “nonsense” points! Please pardon me on this.  It […]

Why you should know thyself.

  There’s always this reaction one gets from the expression on people’s faces once you tell them about self study. It’s like a lot of people do not know how they should engage knowing themselves, or are simply just not interested in it. When I first began my own journey towards self-awareness few years ago, […]

Embracing authenticity..pt2

Some people ask me why I talk so passionately about authenticity and reason it has become a personal crusade, especially in our part of the World where such life styles are not easily reckoned with. My answer has always been the same: it is who we are. Unless you grew up in the more advanced Western […]