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Hello! Great to have you here. I’d love more interactions with you as we navigate this life’s journey together. So we created all the short links to most places you can find us online. Please feel free to use any of the links, especially the blog post and YouTube channel where we have many resourceful […]

Creating a healthy boundary for your emotional wellness

“When we fail to set boundaries and hold people accountable, we feel used and mistreated.”  – Brené Brown Boundary is one thing we rarely talk about in many abusive relationships until we get to the point where “we can’t take it anymore!” It’s like more people find it too cumbersome to do, or are totally ignorant […]


“Attachment is the source of suffering.” -Buddha Attachment is an important aspect of a developing infant. Attachment theory have been helpful for creating the right emotional support for infants, especially orphaned and abandoned children. Through the knowledge of attachment theory, we can intervene in the child’s instabilities due to unfortunate neglect or abandonment, to raise […]

How Self Love Affects Relationships

SELF-LOVE, AND ITS IMPACT ON OUR RELATIONSHIPS….   If you have had many recurrent issues with inadequacies in relationships regardless of how supportive or loving your partners may have been towards you, then you should be interested in self-love. It could be the answer to the constant pains that made you felt jinxed. Don’t worry […]