From our last discussion of last week, we had established what Self-awareness is and I did try in that post to briefly highlight why it’s important that we become self-aware. However, in this best, I hope to delve more into the basic reasons why self-awareness matters to us, especially in the times that we are […]


Today begins the first of the weekly series I shall hold this month on self awareness. My concern will be around it’s role our evolving life’s journey. What is self-awareness? Self-awareness is a conscious knowledge of your own character and feelings. It is actually being aware and acquainted with Self. According to Wikipedia, “Self-awareness is […]

Understand your fears…..

When people hear about fears, they can suddenly become dreadful. It’s like a sharp call to some thing they don’t want to know, much less talk about. But do you know that fear can be a good thing? Take for instance, the fear of lack…. If you have such fear, you can turn it into […]

When they seem so strong….

I had the opportunity of being raised by a very strong mother. If i can recall vividly, i don’t think i ever saw my mom down at any moments during her life time except prior to her death. Now, i said i didn’t “see,” because i am sure she must have had those down moments […]

Control only what you can control…

I know someone that is so meticulous in everything she does that she could be termed perfect if that was a possible expression for our humanity. She’s an epitome of order, which is really cool.. The problem is with how she also tries to control the people around her so they can be almost as […]

….”who you be?”

And so i was just passing by this very day and as it would happen, two guys were arguing about some dents on one of them’s car. The argument being the usual Naija “my car” story. Being not easily given to staying at a spot to watch some street fights (i used to until i […]

Fight the Good Fight!!

FIGHT the good fight of faith!! Don’t mind what the words may connote. You’ve got to learn to be a warrior so that you can get trained sooner. Life is a battlefield. I am sorry, if i have scared you with this but you deserve to know the truth. Nothing just happens and you won’t have […]

Becoming self-aware.

Being your Authentic self is a life goal. One that begins with Some form of self-awareness. Who you are is already in you, no one needs to show you about yourself. The problem you experience with living out your authenticity is because you have not been intentionally self-aware. Awareness is our capacity to notice things. We […]