Turn your Adversity to your Advancement…

I have heard that life is not a bed of roses. And i know that to be true by now. The first time i heard those words, i was a very young girl and still very naive about life. i had heard it from my very lovely childhood friend back then at secondary school. She was an ardent reader, especially with novels. I think she must have seen it in one of her many novels and so during one of our many conversations, she made reference to those words. Those words by now are not mere words to me. I know exactly what they mean through my life experiences. And i think you might do too.

Everyone goes through stuffs. I guess you must have heard of that as well? And its quite true too. But the degree of the stuffs which one passes through can only be measured by that one, alone! No one can fully examine your pains. They may say they know how it feels, especially if they have been through something similar but whether yours hurts more or less compared to others, is what we may not know.

Adversity is a noun which has been part of the English language for over 800 years, comes from the Latin adversus, literally “turned against,” and figuratively “hostile or unfavorable.” When things seem against you — circumstances or a stoke of bad luck — you are facing adversity.  Adversity is part of our life. All of us, including presidents of nations. We all have challenges. It is important that you know this because some people who are poor now, thinks once they become rich, all their problems will go away. That is an illusion. Money only amplifies whatever has been existing prior to your time of wealth.

Our problems are the bedrock to our greatness. I don’t think for a moment that i would have been who i am today were it not for the many challenges i have had to face. I didn’t find the trials fun at those times, i wished they would go away then. No one experiencing hardships would find it palatable at those moments but if we persevere and allow the lesson learned, it can turn out better for us than many years of pleasures. In the face of tremendous adversity, our muscles, beliefs and faiths are stretched out to an amount we will not have imagined we are capable of. You may never really know who you are until you face some really difficult circumstances.

When the storm is thundering heavily on your paths, so much that you find it difficult to even locate the directions of escape, do not despair. If the mountain becomes so hot that it begins to rain volcanoes, try to make use of the little sparks from the eruptions to navigate your way through. Just find solutions. I know at those moments, the only thing on your mind would be the way of escape..and thank God, He always make a way. But God won’t let the trouble just stop without you having learnt something that would make you more like him. Our storms mold us better than anything else. Your best and most authentic self is revealed through your adversity. I know you are praying for the time to pass .I did too and i think most of us usually do. But you know what i discovered, when we get through it, we become more true and even closer to our dreams and the desires of our heart. Then we realized our strong we really are and that is how we build character.

Great men go through enormous troubles. History is full of ordinary people who become extra-ordinary by virtue of the challenges they had to overcome. If you think of Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, Biblical David and Joseph and even the Jack Ma of our days. As a matter of fact, the seeming difficulties of their lives is the same reason we can celebrate their greatness today. If you know Jack Ma of Alibaba’s story, especially his many rejections and how he held up inspite of it all, you wouldn’t be surprised that he is today the richest man in China. It’s no “beans” to be great o. Greatness is not conferred, it is achieved and that through adversity.

I used to be afraid of my adversities and there were times i cried, “why me?” I know how it feels to have rebounds of troubles especially when you had so prayed and done your best in hope for good results, and then it turns out otherwise…oh, i know that agony and spites of despondency sometimes!! it’s not always funny at those moments we are experiencing them. But it does come to an end still.

I am much more matured with troubles now even though i cannot claim to look out for troubles like a Goliath in the field of the Israelite, but if the troubles come and they usually do; I do not run away. I face it until i am successful at it and then i am able to comfort those who will experience same. I think we should embrace our difficulties especially ones we have no control over and allow the the process of growth that it offers us.

I do not know anything that reveals our authenticity more than the adversities we go through. Those dark times can help us appreciate light more and the lonely periods of our lives is a great opportunity for loyalty in friendship we will later get into. How about the days of lack? You learn to appreciate generosity, you understand prudence, and the whole essence of wealth as a means to help the poor. Your lack makes you feel for the less privileged in your days of abundance. But this is only true for those who allow adversity teach the basic life principles without holding grudges for what they have suffered. These are the great ones. They are the legends of our human race.

Your trials are really FOR you and not AGAINST you. They bring out the best in you and help you know how strong you are, when you have overcome them.

Next time you face some obstacles, face it until it moves out of your way. Do not run in despair, because if you run away by means of a short cut, it will show up in some other tougher way. Face it because you can and you will overcome it.

#BeYou, it’s your best gift to us

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