Understand your fears…..

When people hear about fears, they can suddenly become dreadful. It’s like a sharp call to some thing they don’t want to know, much less talk about.
But do you know that fear can be a good thing?
Take for instance, the fear of lack….
If you have such fear, you can turn it into your motivation to succeed.

You could make use of that fear and work harder than anyone else around you.

What are you afraid of?
Have you confirmed if the fear is real?

Some of the things we fear are only imaginary. It’s good you know the differences while trying to understand your fear.
Another thing some people do is to try to ignore their fear. More like it doesn’t exist.

Please don’t do that.
Trace your underlying fear and get to know why it’s there in the fist place.
That single act could save you from many other consequences of what you fear.

Why it is important that we do not dwell on fear, it may be of note to you that fear sometimes point us to where the real issues with our lives are.

Sometimes the complicated part of the matter is how that fear might have been about something you’ve been hiding or trying to ignore since childhood up until now but which is subtly affecting some other parts of you negatively.

That’s why you shouldn’t ignore your fears. Neither should you run away from it or try to subdue it. Face it instead.

One of the beat bets you may have on this however, is to face the fear. I know it can be quite tough to do. But it may be your first step to finding real solutions to some real issues.

Part of living your authentic life is in your efforts at understanding every core part of your life so you can truly accept your real self from who it is. And that includes your fears too. At least it helps you come to terms with it. And that way, you find help if it’s necessary.


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