We all know who our leader is.

Leadership has always been that one vacant position that seems never to be filled up with time, especially here in Nigeria. And as with everything else that becomes a common need, we get to see many applicants with each promising to be our messiah. The void can sometimes be a good one though, given the advantage of selection from a larger mass. It increases the probability of getting the right candidate. Although that’s not where i am going with this.

What I’ve noticed with this trend is everyone trying to put in our face about their being our leader. Even in the midst of any smallest group gatherings, we seem almost at logger heads just for the leadership title. It’s like the most prestigious thing to add to one’s cap these days, especially among our youths. Who doesn’t want to be the “oga!” Feels good after all.

I had recently joined a group of small people for a some business, and not long after, we heard our “boss” was complaining about how some people are not giving him the regards due him as the leader. I laughed upon hearing this. My laughter was not of scorn or to rejoice at how the “leader” feels he’s being badly treated. It was one of sorrow. Painful at how we all want to be served and no one is really willing to serve others. We feel cool being called leaders and coaches and we get easily irritated by any slightest disregard we may perceived is being mete out to us by any one that may not want to respect our “position.” Sad, init?

If you are a leader, i want to ask : “who made you the one?” You do not tell us you are the leader. We are the ones to name who our leader is by virtue of their service.  I mean isn’t that what it should be about? In any case, there are those we know to be doing the work of ministering and have no interest in the titles conferred; i mean the one we know as our own, who leads us. Who may sometimes not get a taste of the pudding at all because it didn’t go round. The one who bears the burden of us without a public show of the weight; that one you could easily approach and let down your guards with and still not be condemned. That one, whom you probably think is not befitting of the position because he behaves like the “nerd” and lacks all the charisma of the modern click; yeah, that guy being the servant, is our leader.

He became the leader through service and that’s what leadership is about. Not someone coming like one “touch not” and putting his bossy things at our face like we are all born to bow to him. Well, he may get some heads down cos of his position but our hearts don’t go with him. We know who the true boss is either ways. You may be one in your mind but with us, you ain’t the leader.

We all know who our leader is.

Leadership is service. It is not a monarchical entitlement. It is a privilege to serve. Don’t get it twisted.

#BeYou, it’s your best gift to us.

-Your Friend

Joy Iseki


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