What does being my authentic self mean?


“We all have variations of ourselves we present in different situations. You might act one way in front of your parents, another way in front of your clients, and yet another way in front your significant other. Those “invented selves” are normal, and it’s something we all do to some extent” Thorin Klosowski

Authenticity is one word that maybe trending right now on the global level. As with everything else that trends, never assume everyone knows about it.

When we talk about being authentic, you may be asking,”what does this mean, what are they on about?” and even more confusing, “how do i become my authentic self?”

To be authentic is be you.  It is the “real” self of a thing, original. Authentic is not counterfeit or copied. So for one to be authentic is to allow one’s natural flow of self be expressed without shame or any form of complex.

Now the variations of ourselves which we sometimes display with the situations we might find ourselves is entirely normal and humane of us. What is not normal is that inner feeling of not being worthy when we are around someone we consider of higher pedigree and we struggle to fit in. We may not be aware that this feeling is also being communicated to the other person at such times through our behaviour.  I am sure most people rarely get this part and some that do, usually wonder why it is so. It is the way our human psychology works though.

The journey to our authentic self is one not easily deciphered. It is multifaceted and can be really difficult and what makes it more complicated is that all of us are so unique that we express our authenticity in our own different ways. Unless you are willing to be self aware, you may not notice your unique self.  This is because your Authentic self is innate, it is not cajoled and cannot be borne out of you. It is in you.

It is in the real sense what you already are not what you try to be. It is who you are that needs expressing to give it a life; the life you ought to live.

In my book, LIVE YOUR YOUNIQUE LIFE, I shared deeply on what authenticity is, and how we can live it out. To have your copy here, please click on the books section in this website.

Express Yourself!

To your evolving life.

Joy Iseki




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