When you start feeling Blue..


If you are like me, everyday may not be a super day. Some days are sunshine and some other days gets you feeling blue. That’s okay, it’s all part of the life deal. It’s totally natural to feel blue once in a while. We all do.

However, there are some people who feels the blue almost daily and in all situations.  These are the people this is about. That consistent feeling of sadness that becomes like a roller-coaster kinda thing, is known as depression. It is seeing a very negative and self depreciating part of what concerns you and even about other people. You become almost an anti-positive personality, seeing only what could be wrong and also how you are you. Depression can result from various ways. For some, it was the after effect of the grief of the lost of their lost one; for some others, it started from some bad experience that some exaggerated thought magnified to a personal failure. sometimes, as result of job loss, relationship or marriage breakdown. So many things can be the cause of it and knowing the root cause can aid treatment, especially the therapeutic treatment.

Depression is more than just a low mood – it’s a serious mental health condition (mental illness) that has an impact on both physical and mental health

Depression, or major depressive disorder, is a mental health condition marked by an extended sense of sadness and despair that affects how a person thinks, feels and functions. The condition may significantly interfere with a person’s daily life and may prompt thoughts of suicide. Depression isn’t the same as sadness and grief caused by a challenging life experience, such as the death of a loved one.

Depression was not easily recognizable here in Nigeria, until the recent publicized suicides in the dailies. Before then, it was hardly a subject, but commonly debunked as  ‘oyinbo’ sickness. Maybe then, but not anymore. It’s now everybody’s sickness. What we do not know is that, many Nigerians are so depressed but left untreated. I got to find out that Nigeria was in the ninth position in the 2016 most depressed nations by WHO. This might come as a surprise to many. If you are sensitive enough, you would see how easily we flare up over little things and the level of anger people sometimes show over very minute issues. Don’t blame them. The economic situation in Nigeria, coupled with many other ripple effects from the hardship, has made dogs out of doves. That’s why one must be very sympathetic these days and thoughtful about the feelings of others. This is one of my reasons for this blog, having seen and witnessed these things, i thought i could just do my part of the awareness. You cannot commit suicide without first being in a depressed state. Depression is a serious issue globally right now and not just in Nigeria. What we lack on our own part, is the right diagnosis and availability of treatment. Still there is hope for you if you are depressed right now. You will come out of it. You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. All of us each have our own challenges, this one is yours and you will overcome it.

Depressed people are usually sad and very melancholic. No one gets creative at this state, neither can you fully express your authentic self under this mental status. Permit me to say that, your real self is never really a sad one. It is true that some people can be naturally melancholic by virtue of their temperament. That notwithstanding, they have many happy times too and live a great life. Infact, a lot of inventions and creative artistic works are made by people of the Melancholy temperament than any other temperament.

I want your Authentic self maximized. I know that self is more than the sad moments you are left with by depression, that is why i am on this journey with you. You are more than how you may feel about your life. Your Authentic self is awesome. We will focus in the next post on how you can overcome depression.

#BeYou, it’s your best gift to us.

Joy Iseki

Your Authentic Self Coach

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