….”who you be?”

And so i was just passing by this very day and as it would happen, two guys were arguing about some dents on one of them’s car. The argument being the usual Naija “my car” story. Being not easily given to staying at a spot to watch some street fights (i used to until i saw the innocent arrested became named criminal!!), i was increasing my pace as the crowds and shouts increased in numbers too. I was also tempted to stay in this case because of the words being exchanged and the laughter they were bringing into the crowd. I liked being entertained, especially if it will mean having some good laughs. Who doesn’t??

I used to enjoy the scene these arguments bring with it. I was always among those people that would want to hear the exchange of words. Not for anything other than the usual way each would boast about who they were. Hardly any of those cases where you won’t finally get to hear the ultimate daring words like: “who you be!” and then you have to also understand the psychology of those rhetoric. It’s not usually a question one of them wants to know about the other person, but a form of sarcastic outbursts at the one boasting of probably his pedigree, usually because of the type of car he would be driving then. Pride sha!!

Anyway, i am not writing this as a reporter for the final breakdown of what eventually transpired in that fight where i happened to be passing by. But because of the the “who you be!” matter. As expected, it wasn’t long before our two showmen started with those words again, and at this time, a lot of us were getting to face our business. We were heading towards our direction. It was on my way that i ruminated those sayings again and i was really thinking about what goes on in our minds before we usually let them out at others? Then i recalled towards myself and the occasion i had had to used ’em too. It was to shut up the pride of the other that i could perceive in his demeanor but couldn’t bear with. So i think we all get to do that sometimes. That’s by the way.

If you are not a Nigerian, and you do not understand our beautiful pidgin English, you might be lost as to what those words mean. Well,”who you be?” is a colloquial way of angrily asking someone: “who do you think you are?” gorrit now? I think you have!!

So i am now throwing that question to you. But this time not in anger or sarcasm, but in love and with concerns. I am asking you: “who are you?” Have you ever really sat down and gently evaluate yourself by way of self-awareness to know who you are? I mean, do you know what you stand for, your fears, your triumphs, your beliefs and even your unbelief? I think you should get intimated with self. It’s cool that you can easily answer those questions for others, maybe for your spouse, if you are married. That’s fine. But what about yourself, do you know who you are? Are you identifiable or just one in the crowd?

You can take the few minutes off after the reading this and just introspect self. Be present with self. Don’t behave anyhow. Be deliberate while still not missing out on the joy of spontaneity of life but being intentional with your life. That’s the way to live the authentic life. That’s how you discover your true self and purpose.

#BeYou, it’s your best gift to us.

-Your friend

Joy Iseki

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