Why play therapies are important for Nigerian schools

Why play therapies are important for Nigerian schools
August 15, 2018 Joy Iseki

Children are naturally open minded, unless they are raised not to “talk too much” and to “shut up!” Or if they feel ignored by their guardians.

Play therapy in a Lagos school

Play therapy in a Lagos school

When a child observes that his voice doesn’t matter, he soon learns to keep those thoughts to himself.

Play therapy in a Lagos school for kids

Using play therapy to build the emotional strength of kids in a Lagos school

But it can be an issue.
He’s a child. He longs to be expressive, and have his feelings validated.

As a result he may become isolated, or feeling unloved. These emotions he would display in the way he relates with fellow mates, especially at school, and to class activities.

During distress, children do not have the ability to regulate their hormones, unlike adults.

And if this is left unchecked, it can lead to some becoming depressed in adulthood due to the high level of Cortisol, the stress hormone.

Play therapy in a Lagos school

Pass the ball play therapy in a Lagos school

Using play therapies, we can help these beautiful souls gain the confidence, and sense of worth they so much long for.

It has worked with many “stubborn” children to eliminate their tantrums.

We do these using basic play therapies that would activate the increase and release of their Oxytocin (love hormones) and Serotonin levels (happiness hormones).

This helps them connect with themselves, parents, friends and the environment. Thus helping them to grow confidently, and emotionally whole.


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