Why you should know thyself.



There’s always this reaction one gets from the expression on people’s faces once you tell them about self study. It’s like a lot of people do not know how they should engage knowing themselves, or are simply just not interested in it.

When I first began my own journey towards self-awareness few years ago, one of the most striking thing I found out was how much of myself I didn’t even know.

It’s amazing things you get to know about you, especially in some areas where you’d have thought you were doing good, only to finally realize how far you still have to improve.

While many people spend enough time knowing other people and how they behave in order to have better relations with them, rarely do we consider that it’s important we also learn to know ourselves for better relationship with Self.

Lack of intimacy with self is one of the reasons some people dread being alone. Unfortunately, most aren’t even aware of this.

When you make yourself a subject to be discovered by your own self, you set the door open for unraveling the unique package that you are. You learn to know who you truly are, and what that means to you.

The experience gained from this can in many ways enhance your relationship with other people, too.

It can help you to be become less judgmental of the mistakes people make when you suddenly see yourself in the light of their struggles.

Then you also get to see your unique and beautiful self and how gifted you could be given that you allow yourself be.

One of the benefits I’ve gained in my self-discovery journey would have to be the confidence to embrace my authenticity.

It’s also important that I say this: self-discovery isn’t a magical end to your personal miseries. It’s only an open door to your personal development. If anything, it can help you understand why you behave in the ways you do.

This way, you are in a better position to work on areas where you need more building up, while enhancing your unique strengths.

Please note: who you are is nothing new. It’s already in you. You’ve always been.

What you’d discover about yourself in this journey are nothing newly set in. They’ve always been there. The issue being that you’d never taken note of them because you most probably had never taken the time to introspection.

Your authentic Self is nothing mysterious, neither any purpose lost that must be found. It is you allowing your real nature to express your falls and highs, your likes and dislikes; what drives you and whatever keeps you immobile.

This enables you to recognize who you truly are.

It is in these seemly little details of your existence that you find your unique Self. Inherent in that package is your purpose unraveled.

We will discuss more on the practice of self-awareness in subsequent posts.

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Joy Iseki

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