You are more powerful than you realize.

I’m currently working on a research for my upcoming book. Because of the peculiarities of my own life, I have developed a very keen interest in the human psychology. And I love every bit of it.
Here’s something I wanted to share with you guys on the mind.
You see, our mind is subdivided into three; the conscious, subconscious and the unconscious mind (although a lot of debate is still ongoing about this).
Because at some point in my life, I did struggle with my identity (if you read my book, LIVE YOUR YOUNIQUE LIFE), you will get the full gist.
Now, here’s why I wanted to share this with us. It is basically to help someone who is having some difficulties and limiting beliefs, realize that you are not at all powerless. At least I can as a matter of fact, attest to that (story for another day).
The conscious mind communicates to the outside world and the inner self through speech, pictures, writing, physical movement, and thought.
The subconscious mind, on the other hand, is in charge of our recent memories, and is in continuous contact with the resources of the unconscious mind.
The unconscious mind is the storehouse of all memories and past experiences, both those that have been repressed through trauma and those that have simply been consciously forgotten and no longer important to us. It’s from these memories and experiences that our beliefs, habits, and behaviors are formed.
The unconscious constantly communicates with the conscious mind via our subconscious, and is what provides us with the meaning to all our interactions with the world, as filtered through your beliefs and habits. It communicates through feelings, emotions, imagination, sensations, and dreams.
By far the best explanation that I have found for the two most powerful functions your fully developed conscious mind can do that the other two can’t is …
1. Its ability to direct your focus.
2. Its ability to imagine that which is not real.

Please take note of these two points and meditate on it. Herein lies the human power and freedom. Unfortunately, maybe because of our own part of the World, rarely is this mentioned. We would rather all pray and blame other factors. Please don’t get me wrong, when I talked about prayers. I love to pray. In fact, I pray a lot. And that experience has opened me to the revelation that some things that we pray about already has answers. It would amaze you to know that some it’s answers are in your mobile device, just by a Google research!!
Be hungry for knowledge, especially in areas you are pained about. Don’t leave everything to the African superstitious beliefs.
I would have loved to break down the two points above, but for space. I don’t want this post too long. But you ask your questions about this in the comments below.
My life had a turn around ever since began to maximize the power inherent in me. And I want you to experience that transformation too.
Joy Iseki

(the research on the mind was published by mind unleashed)

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